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Seahawks beat Chargers 31-10

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

What an bounty of information we now have to break down. After six months of waiting, the Seahawks beat the Chargers in convincing fashion 31-10, highlighting some of their quality depth and hammering home the thought that there are going to be some damn good players that get cut over the next three weeks.

The game started slowly and sloppily - a San Diego field goal and a Jermaine Kearse touchdown pass from Brady Quinn represented the only scoring in the first half, but Seattle's backups, led by Quinn and Tarvaris Jackson, ran away with it in the second half.

There will be much to discuss this week, but here's a snapshot:

- Alvin Bailey impressed the hell out of me today. I believe he played all but the first quarter at left tackle today, and the way he mirrored in pass pro and fired off the snap in run blocking had my jaw on the floor at times. Not kidding, I'm sitting here just beaming about it, that's how good this guy played today. As my colleague Thomas Beekers put it, "Bailey was straight-up throwing people around. Pancake'd. Might be the UDFA find of the season." Having a quality, dependable backup left tackle is a true luxury - we all know that left tackle is one of the ultimate premium positions in the NFL, and Bailey looked like the real deal. Amazing, considering he was a strong-side guard in college.

- Stephen Williams caught two passes for 83 yards and a TD, and almost reeled in another deep bomb. I was texting with Davis Hsu and Derek Stephens earlier today and more or less professing my love for Williams - he's a guy that can play the X, get off the jam, and get vertical, and that was on full display today. I don't see how the Seahawks can cut this guy, and I don't think they will. As Scott Enyeart pointed out, Williams may be Pete Carroll's next Mike Williams, Dwayne Jarrett, or Patrick Turner. He loves those types.

- Spencer Ware, as Davis Hsu put it, looks like an NFL back. He had at least three very quality blitz pickups in the backfield - preventing sacks and keeping plays alive, and this is of utmost importance. He scored a touchdown on a nice cut right after receiving the handoff, and broke a longish run near the end of the game. Likewise, Christine Michael looked good out there as well - every bit as fast as we'd hoped he'd be, and he looks to be a nice fit in this zone blocking scheme. Christine Michael finished with 16 carries for 89 yards, 5.6 YPC. Ware finished 7 carries for 32 yards, 4.5 YPC, and a TD. Derrick Coleman scored a touchdown on the Michael Robinson Special play, on bootleg play-action into the flats (Spider Y Banana). The Seahawks are disgustingly stacked at running back/fullback.

- Benson Mayowa looked awesome. So did O'Brien Schofield. So did, to a lesser extent, Mike Morgan and Malcolm Smith. Ty Powell made some plays and created some pressure. I'm suddenly feeling a little better about the Seahawks pass rush situation.

- Jaye Howard really looked good - both inside and on the outside. Michael Bennett, as Jared put it, looked unblockable at times. Howard got a ton of snaps and created pressure from the five-technique spot and from the 3-technique. I'm happy to see this.

- Cooper Helfet had a fingertip grab on a diving play - a huge play. However, he also had a drop. Regardless, he looked pretty good out there. Luke Willson had two catches for 16 yards, but it would appear that tight end is still the weakest position on the roster. Maybe a trade? Waiver wire?

- Byron Maxwell picked off Chuck Whitehurst and nearly had another interception shortly after that. He looked great out there. Solid depth at the corner position.

- I thought that Brady Quinn played fairly well, but Tarvaris Jackson looks like this team's backup, no question. He played extremely efficiently, threw accurately, and definitely looked like an NFL QB out there.

So, so much to digest. I'll leave you with this. Jacson will have a little more tonight. This week, we'll break down the Xs and Os because there were some interesting 3-4 looks and some nice pressure packages that Dan Quinn rolled out. In general, the offense was very vanilla, and unsurprisingly, ran the ball 29 times.