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Walter Jones, Steve Largent, or Cortez Kennedy: Who do you take for the Seahawks right now?

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Being GMC Professional Grade is about recognizing those who changed the game. Go back in history and select one former great-just one. Now add him to your team's roster right now. Who would it be-and why? And how far does your team go this year, with that one player?

Ok, I'm going to answer Marshall's question but I'm going to cheat a little, because I'm going to name three Seahawk legends and let you decide which one would have the greatest impact on the current Seahawks' team.

Offensive Line: Walter Jones

When I think about Seahawk greats, Walter Jones is invariably the first player that comes to mind. He's arguably the greatest left tackle to play the game of football, he went into Canton this past summer, and this weekend, he'll join the Seahawks' Ring of Honor.

These stats are oft-quoted but always worthwhile: Jones -- playing at a premium position at left tackle, one of the most highly-coveted, highly-drafted and highly-paid positions in the game -- was called for holding nine times in his 12-year career. That's nine infractions in 5,703 pass plays. Nine times in 12 years. That's less than once per season. In the NFL. Additionally, Jones allowed just 23 sacks during his entire career. That's less than two per season.

Putting Jones on the left side of the line -- essentially locking down that spot no matter who you play or whether you're running or passing -- it goes without saying that this would be extremely valuable for the current Seahawks' title-defense hopes.

It's also just fun to imagine Jones blocking off the left for Marshawn Lynch.

Wide Receiver: Steve Largent

Largent would be a lot of fun in this offense, paired with Russell Wilson. He caught everything. He was tough. He was smart. He got open. He was a quarterback's best friend, and when he left the NFL, he was first on the NFL's career list for receptions (819), receiving yards (13,089), and touchdown catches (100).

Defensive tackle: Cortez Kennedy

While it'd be tempting to somehow put either Jones or Largent back onto the current Seahawks' roster, I'd be hard pressed to pick someone other than Cortez Kennedy. Just imagine the 1992 version of 'Tez and his 14 sacks from the defensive tackle position in this Pete Carroll defense. Lawd.

Cortez Kennedy Career Highlights from Seattle Seahawks on Vimeo.

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