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The Seahawks Top-10: Single game performances

Tim DeFrisco/Getty Images

Join me for a look at the top 10 single-game performances in Seahawks history.

A few notes:

Quality: I am forced to record voice-over material at about 1-2 AM to make sure my apartment is quiet. This leads to being very tired most of the time. If I stumble over words please be a little bit forgiving as I do work hard to clean it up as well as I can. There are a few errors on re-records like forgotten number cues, but I hope you'll look past this and just tackle the content. Thanks.

Stats and info: If you see something I did not note or noted incorrectly please feel free to correct it in the comments. I did my best on this but sometimes small things can slip through the cracks.

Content: If you missed it, I already broke down the top-10 one-year wonders for the Seahawks. Though these pieces will be random in their time frame for release, I do have a few announcements for content of future videos as well.

-- Top 10 Game saving players

-- Top 10 Freakiest Seahawk Athletes.

I hope you enjoy the list and look forward to your debate and comments below.