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The Seahawks Top-10: Freakiest athletes

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Join me for a look at the top 10 freakiest athletes in Seahawks history.

This is a list about those players that make you want to hit that rewind button, 'cause you aren't quite sure of what you thought you saw.

Below is a full written transcription of the list in order of appearance: (The video has broadcast audio and highlight packages not included in the written list, so you should watch it too!)


#10 Daryl Turner -- Not only surprise as the rookie fill-in for the unfortunately early end to Paul John's career, Turner quickly established himself in the retooled passing offense of Chuck Knox in 1984. Turner would go on the prove an elite sprinter who gave Seattle its first ever raw-speed deep-threat at receiver. However, he was also shockingly fast for a man nearly 6-foot-4. Despite only catching 101 total passes in 4 seasons, 36 of them went for touchdowns. His 36.7% touchdown reception ratio an NFL Record.

#9 Dave Brown -- Snagged from the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1976 expansion draft, Dave Brown would find himself moved from nickel corner to free safety because of his raw speed and range. However, Brown's lack of bulk made it less than Ideal to send him into the combat zone as a run stuffer, so he was moved to left cornerback the next season. It turned out to be a phenomenal choice, as Brown went on to notch 46 career picks in 10 seasons as a corner in Seattle. Using a combination of speed, burst, and anticipation to jump in front of passes and receivers, Brown used his incredible range to take advantage of QBs throwing blind to his side of the field.

His most famous game to Hawk fans is his game against the Chiefs in 1984 when he returned two interceptions for touchdowns. Take it away Pete.

#8 Curt Warner -- Seattle traded up to the #3 overall pick in the 1983 draft and took Curt Warner out of Penn State. The pick gave Seattle its first ever highly dynamic offensive weapon other than its star QB. Warner was a 4.3 runner, he wasn't big but his agility was crazy and his acceleration left defenders looking like they were frozen in place. He was the perfect match for a slightly undersized but highly athletic offensive line.

Warner saved some of his best career games for those Donkeys in Denver recording nearly 1300 total yards in 7 seasons and that doesn't include playoffs.

#7 Fredd Young -- The first ever Pro Bowl player selected just for his special teams play as a rookie, Fredd Young was a shockingly fast linebacker. In 1984, Seattle's number 1 ranked special teams was fun to watch, especially if some poor idiot thought it was awesome to not call for a fair catch on a punt or dared to dream of a kick return. Take it away Pete and Steve.

#6 Joey Galloway -- Randy Moss but better, Joey Galloway had the kind of speed combined with quickness that made your heart skip a beat when you watched him live which I had the chance to do. It was once alleged by Joey and Seahawks trainers that the Ohio State player was clocked at 4.18 in the forty yard dash, I'm not sure if I believe it, but after these touchdowns vs the Jets, I'm sure Pro Bowl corner Aaron Glenn did.

#5 Bobby Wagner -- Bobby makes lots of plays from tip drill picks to sacks to sideline stops but no play has captured the man's raw talent quite like the 2014 season opener vs the Packers. Bobby went stride for stride with Randal Cobb for some 40 yards and though the play ended in a tough PI call, it's a clear and vivid example of why this guy should be on this list.

#4 Russell Wilson – Russell Wilson is a freak, whether it's his arm launching a long bomb or his legs ripping off a quick 20 yards, few would disagree with his inclusion on this list. However, he's a freak in a rare way too, despite a smaller size, he's built like a power back at 215, making him durable and a shocking tackle breaker in the open field at times. No more apparent were his gifts than during this game in 2012.

#3 Earl Thomas -- A freakishly fast bullet who was a raw little baby when he came to Seattle in 2010 you always could see flashes, right in the preseaon of his rookie year Earl made an impact with these two plays. It's been a steady growth since then to the best deep coverage safety in football and easily a selection for this list.

#2 Walter Jones -- I know what you're thinking, who's number 1 then, but it was really a toss up between big Walt and the number 1 slot. The Seahawks have had many stars in the 2000s but none has been as quite while being praised as often as Walter Jones. A man who believed himself the best left tackle in football when interviewed by Paul Silvi ahead of the 2007 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens and Jonathan Ogden. "Some say it's him, some say it's me, I say it's me."

John Madden called Jones the best player in football regardless of position other former linemen raved about Jones' perfect technique.

Walter went 3 seasons without surrendering a single sack before surrendering back to back sacks to a young upstart in Giants d-end Osi Umenyora but the game was also an example of how dominating he was. When The Seahawks needed overtime to finish the contest against the Giants on the 78th snap of the game, Jones walked Umenyora toward the sideline and Shaun Alexander ran for 12-yards and set up the winning Fieldgoal attempt. Tired as Walt might have been.

I wanted to talk about Walter's matchup with Dwight Freeney and his array of speed rush moves, but I'm sure Youtube and other sites frown on celebrating felony assault on a football field.

#1 Cortez Kennedy – Okay, Okay, it's Cortez Kennedy, forgive me. He had to be here. Cortez was one of the lone bright spots for most of the nineties unless you're Jon Ryan and you enjoy the art of expert punting mechanics. The best qoute on 'Tez, I ever heard comes from Brian Baldinger who played 'Tez when he was with the Cardinals as an offensive guard.

"I remember hearing about this young kid in Seattle and I felt like I'd be okay. We called a pass play, he hit me in the chest and then in the side of the helmet, I fell on my butt and then onto my back and was like 'okay that's different.' I went back to the huddle and my guy is like 'you gonna do your job?' I didn't say anything."


There you have it, my Top-10 Freakiest Seahawk athletes. Hopefully you have some addtions too you guys have been incredible with the last two lists. Also feel free to shuffle the rankings if you want. I look forward to your comments and hope to bring you a new list very soon.

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Corrections: **Dave Brown played 11 years in Seattle. 10 at right cornerback, not 7.