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Madden Mondays Podcast: The L.A. Rams again

Al Bello/Getty Images

Welcome to Madden Mondays, a weekly offseason podcast that will discuss a major NFL topic through the eyes of a Seahawks fan. Each week I will play a game of Madden and discuss a topic of consequence to fans league-wide. This week's topic: The return of the L.A. Rams.


- The podcast portion runs about 40 minutes

- The remaining 13 minutes is specific audio highlight clips. (I may come up with a more permanent way to end these in the future).

- This is an abridged version of the game. Most punts, kickoffs and field goals have been removed to save time.

- I am terrible at the game please be aware of this. If you have advice I am all ears but would prefer that those comments be directly posted on the video's youtube comments section so this one can focus directly on the podcast audio portion. Thank you.


The media deals for the MLB  are actually as follows

LAA 3 Billion a year over 20 years or 150 Million a year

LAD 7 Billion over 25 years or 280 Million a year.

There are a few articles that put the Dodger deal higher but the original per year price tag of 520 Million is only shorted by about 90 million leaving the context intact. My apologies I had not adequately researched but this will be rectified in the future.

Roster Info:

I was playing with a special custom roster that I developed myself featuring the best players from 40 years of Seattle football. You can download this roster if you have Madden 16 and XBox one by Searching community files, in the roster tab and Pulling up my user name on XBox live WCLtRance. Enjoy it. (The depth chart I use can be altered to your own preference. I was just having fun with the players I like to play with)

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Post'em below and I'll see you next week.