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Madden Mondays: The Jim Zorn Era 1976-1982

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This episode of Madden Mondays, we cover the first era of football in Seattle: The Jim Zorn Era. This will cover the first seven seasons, 1976-1982, and also some of the back history about how Seattle attracted a franchise and some of a pro sports drama that unfolded. I hope you enjoy.

Reference Plays:

QB Sprint Out:: Here
QB Draw: Here
Largent vs Louis Wright:: Here

Reference Articles:

1980 Season retrospective Piece: Here

The History Of the Kingdome: Here

The Supersonics: Here

The Seattle Pilots: Here

The Seahawks wiki: Here

Franchise History (Draft Selections): Here

The 1976 Expansion draft:  Here (Totaling 39 selections for Seattle)

Notes and Corrections:

--I incorrectly state that the expansion draft was 26 picks for Seattle. It was actually 39 plus 17 draft selections and at least 12 undrafted free agents. (1976)

--Ron Howard was an expansion draft selection from Dallas not a free agent. I had misheard or misunderstood his status from the 1976 highlight reel from NFL films.

--The Game footage ends at 61 minutes but the podcast portion continues for 10 more minutes.

--The Game features the 1976 starting 45 with 7-8 additional players. the roster was designed to run a franchise in Madden with the initial roster of the Expansion Seahawks.

--The game is ugly. It's set on All-Madden and the offensive and defensive lines are terrible. Normally, I wouldn't spoil anything but you shouldn't expect a win. The only player I left out was Don Bitterlich a place Kicker

--This roster is a custom design for Madden 15 on XBox one. Pull up the community files tab bring up rosters and search for WCLtRance. Download and enjoy. If you have questions about downloading it, please feel free to ask.

--Next week we will tackle the (Chuck Knox Era 1983-1991) I hope to see you there.