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Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo Bill, to Jermichael Finley: "Tell Ted Thompson to come get me"

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Marshawn Lynch once went up to Jermichael Finley and Aaron Rodgers at halftime of a Bills-Packers game, back when Lynch was in Buffalo, and told them: "Tell Ted Thompson to come get me."

That's a quick little anecdote that Finley told to our friends Jason Hirshhorn and Peter Bukowski on their Two Deep Podcast, kind of highlighting the fact that there were and are still a few places in the NFL where players don't really want to be. In that case, it was Buffalo, which may or may not still be true, and now that place is certainly Cleveland.

Obviously, it was one of Thompson's proteges in John Schneider that eventually went and got Lynch, and the trade from the Bills to the Seahawks revived Lynch's career and helped rebuild the Seahawks' identity as a franchise. Ultimately a move was a good thing for Lynch.

Listen to the whole interview here.