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Madden Mondays: The Era Of Ground Chuck 1983-1991

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For those new to this series, Madden Mondays is an audio podcast set with video footage from a game I played using Madden 16.

This week's episode of Madden Mondays we talk about the Seahawks' most defined era in franchise history: The Era Of Ground Chuck. I cover the 1983-1987 seasons in-depth, with cursory nods to '88-'91.

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The roster is custom, featuring Seahawks stars from 40 years of Seahawks football. You can download the roster by opening the Customize tab, click on Share files and Just look up the roster tab and input my gamertag WCLtRance and Download the file titled SAS2RR.

For those that downloaded previous version, this one has Joe Nash and Doug Baldwin in place of Joey And Blair Bush, and I also switched out Chad Brown and Earl Thomas for Rufus Porter and Eugene Robinson to push for as many Chuck Knox stars as I could. On the offensive side I went with Ron Essink, Reggie McKenzie and Blair Bush on the starting line with Steve Largent Daryl Turner and Brian Blades as my WR Corps.


This one was hard to wrangle into one broadcast. The original script had me break down all nine seasons of the era, in depth. I found this left me more rambling with several conversations that went down a rabbit hole.

Despite my best efforts, this broadcast still clocks in at about 83 minutes and has a few issues which couldn't be edited out. I hope you enjoy it for what it is, I'm still trying to find a good sweet spot with this. If you guys have input I would love to hear it.

There will be one more show before I have to settle back in with my project next week. Stay tuned, next week, I talk about how I became a Seahawks fan.

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