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NFL Playoffs picture: Seahawks' magic number is 1


The NFL Playoffs picture for Seattle is now very simple: the Seahawks have to win (or tie) one of their final two games and they'll lock up the NFC West Division crown, the NFC's #1 seed, a first round bye, and homefield advantage for the rest of the Playoffs.

I write this at the risk of stealing Tim Connolly's "The Watch" thunder this morning, but while we eagerly await his full, detailed NFL Playoffs picture, Draft Order, and rooting interest guide, here's what you need to know:

With a Seahawks win or tie, or a 49er loss or tie, the Seahawks have the division and #1 seed. There is no scenario where Seattle gets anything but the #1 seed or the #5 seed. The only way Seattle gets that #5 seed is if they lose their final two and San Francisco wins their final two. The Niners are hosting Atlanta this week, then traveling to Arizona next week. Seattle gets a 9-5 Arizona team this Sunday and then finish the year hosting another red-hot Rams team. No one said it would be easy.

Regardless. It's simple: win this week, and Seattle puts a new banner up at the CLink and plays at home throughout the NFC Playoffs.