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Notes on Seahawks Training Camp from Pat Kirwin & Tim Ryan's SIRIUS broadcast

Harry How

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll were on SIRIUS this morning with Pat Kirwin and Tim Ryan - both broadcasting live from Seahawks' Training Camp, and friend of the blog Glen Peer provided some notes on the conversation. He sent Davis and I the quick hitters that he picked up from the conversations - and please note that these aren't direct quotes - Glen takes notes through the interview - but instead just convey the essential points.

From Glen (and as usual, huge thanks for taking the time to write these all out!!):


Tim Ryan & Pat Kirwan spent a "couple hours" upstairs with the coaches talking and reviewing tape. (DK Note: Kirwin was on Pete's staff back in New York, and the two are still good friends. Kirwin gets a lot of really interesting information out of Carroll, so I do tend to accept some of Kirwin's info as more accurate than some others in the industry).


Golden Tate:

o "Pete's loved this guy from the beginning" ~ Kirwan

Russell Wilson:

o "We're miles ahead of where we were last year"

o On staying ahead: "I'm doing everything I can to bring our A game. Every week is a Championship week, everyday is a Championship day."

o "Talent is everything. You need great attention to detail, to be clutch when the game is on the line. Prepared for every situation."

o Kirwan: "Boomer Esiason still talks about Pete being more prepared for every situation possible."

o Russell: "Separation in the preparation" - check

o "We haven't really lost anybody from the team we had last year. I look at it and say -  how's a rookie gonna make it?"

o RW already tosses himself in with Earl, Kam, Browner, & Russell Okung as a leaders - "We work at it every make everyone better"

o On Chris Harper "He's gotten better and better every day. He runs great routes, very strong hands. He's Anquan Boldin-like."

o Trailed off talking about Harper to say "Sidney looked so good yesterday, he just catches everything."

Kirwan interjects that Pete was really excited about Luke Willson pre-draft, and still excited...

o Russell comments that "Luke can really fly...he's a guy who's in early, and stays late."

o Russell encourages everyone to ask him "why": "Why do I need to break this off here? Why do I do my footwork like that?"

o On Tarvaris: "The QB room is pretty awesome right now. Just to talk to those two is definitely nice to have."

o On Percy being in the building: "He's locked in. Always in the trainer's room sweating - trying to get back on the bike."

o On playing against Winfield "He's so smart. If he gets beat, which is rare, he adjusts and still gets the tackle. Just to have his savvy around is (invaluable)" (paraphrased).

o "This team is so close. I've played two sports. Sometimes DBs hang with DBs, or OL hangs with OL... not here. Everyone talks, jokes, relates. That's what's so great around here"

o Thoughts on the division: "It's gonna be a tough, tough division. One of those things you look forward to, we don't want any cupcakes. It's a lot more rewarding to beat a tough team."


Kirwan's thoughts:

On Luke Willson and and Russell Wilson: "Just watching practice tape I can see why he spoke so highly of Luke Willson. I came here thinking - 'How can Russell be better this year?' and I wasn't sure I'd come away with an answer, but watching the practices, I think he might be situated for a bigger year."

On the offensive line and pass protection: "Let's start with the LT, he's an all pro he'll be fine. I like the guy Sweezy, that guy has the potential to be a great pass was easy to see Sweezy is ahead of Moffitt."

On the OL: "You're gonna need to find some help for McQuistan" ...(they talk about how Carpenter would be a huge help, and they need to get him healthy.)

On the upgraded pass rush: "This is gonna sound nutty, but not right away though...I can see that kid from Penn State (Hill) he's gonna be able to cause some problems inside."  (They talk about his hand technique and his polish coming out and what they saw on tape and seeing it transferring to a style that Pete will like.)

On linebackers: "If we didn't have Bobby Wagner, Allen Bradford would be our starting MLB, that's what we heard this morning"


With Pete Carroll:

o "It was a day off but we had a bunch of guys here..."

o "They know they don't know a whole lot so they stick together and try and figure it out."

o On Zach Miller: "A week or so away, want to make sure it doesn't re-occur."

o On Chris Clemons: "Great place -  he's right where he needs to be, but we want to be sure. He's got the 3rd game in mind, but we'll see about that."

o On James Carpenter: "Has a tear on the bottom of his foot, it'll just take time. Probably another 10-14 days..."

o On Luke Willson: "He can do all the things that Anthony (McCoy) did. He's an end line blocker, and he's really fast."

o On Russell Wilson: "He's way ahead on Red Zone, we always talk about that first Cardinals game. All this should add to a secure approach, but we're gonna cut loose from the get go."

o On the vets: (Tarvaris Jackson, Antoine Winfield) brought in: "Michael (Bennett) has been a productive rusher, and we need an inside guy."

o On O'Brien Schofield: "I really wanted him in the draft, but the Cardinals took him in front of us, it's a great pick up for us right now especially with Bruce's situation."

o On Winfield: "What a great veteran to see out there. He's teaching and competing."

o On McDaniel: "Haven't had enough of Tony McDaniel yet, but may be back tomorrow. He's gonna get a lot of work, because we need to see more, but he's shown well so we're looking forward to seeing more."

o PC won't tip hand to four-man rush on 1st 3rd and long of Game 1, "We're not sure yet. ...goes right two Game 5 and says "Bruce and Clem will be two of them."

o Malcolm & O'Brien battling for SAM with Mike Morgan who started at LEO for us: "Mike's a core ST'er for us..."

o On Bradford: "Allen might be the most exciting guy to us because he's such a run and hit guy, we're gonna feature him a lot to get him adjusted from the position switch."

o Nicke: "We played nickel about 50% last year..."

o "We are practicing a ton of 3rd and long" to correct last year.

o On the Golden: "He's really come along. He was a slow starter, but he's a legitimate threat, big time target for us. And hes one of our smartest players."

o "Sidney's a full go, just monitoring him but he'll play this week."

o On Harvin: "Percy was so ahead of schedule in NY they sent him back early, and its gonna be a long a haul for us, remember he's only 24, so we're hoping we get him back at some point."

o On Jesse Williams "We're getting him through the knee thing he has, so we can keep around awhile."

o On Chris Harper: "Real complete, blocking catching... we wanted him because he's very physical, and he is that. We comp'ed him to Anquan Boldin in our evaluation and that's why we fell in love with him. Gonna be in play - all preseason and we'll see how far he can take it."

o On Lynch: "You can count on this, Marshawn won't carry the ball 12-14 times this game...laughs"