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Seahawks 53-man roster prediction (AUG 16th)

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Attached is my preliminary 53-man roster prediction. I am doing this before the Seahawks' 2nd preseason game against the Broncos, so I am sure the actual 53-man roster will be different. I will certainly miss on a few players and positional group numbers - why? Mostly, because I am not the front office, and also, because of injuries. I am sure the next three preseason games will also shed some more light on the bubble players that are, right now, subjectively safe or in danger.

I sorted the players by draft year in the attached chart (DOWNLOAD/LINK HERE), but I will also list a more traditional format below.


QB (2) Wilson, Jackson
RB (4) Lynch, Michael, Turbin, Ware
TE (3) Miller, Willson, McGrath
WR (6) Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, S Williams, Harper (Harvin IR)
OL (10) Okung, McQuistan, Unger, Sweezy, Giacomini, Moffitt, Carpenter, Bailey, Bowie, Jeanpierre

Total Offense (25)

CB (6) Sherman, Browner, Winfield, Thurmond, Maxwell, Lane (Simon PUP)
S (4) Thomas, Chancellor, J Johnson, Maragos
Non-LEO type LBs (5) Wagner, Wright, Smith, Lotulelei, Bradford
LEO/OLB types (4) Avril, Clemons, Schofield, Mayowa
DL (6) Bennett, Bryant, Mebane, Hill, J Williams, Howard

Total Defense (25)

On offense, I've talked about the reasoning behind Michael Robinson's potential as a cap casualty, but I could also obviously see Spencer Ware being the alternate cut, with Michael Robinson making it. I could also see both Ware and Robinson make the final roster and the final cut may end up being either Chris Harper from the receivers group or possibly Lemuel Jeanpierre from the offensive line group. It has been my opinion that Seattle will keep 10 OL, but Jeanpierre would only be cut, I think, if Tom Cable had confidence that John Moffitt could play backup center. I could also see Seattle dealing for a TE and possibly replacing Sean McGrath on the 53-man list.

On defense, I went with Chris Maragos over Winston Guy, despite Maragos earning $1.323M. Maragos is a free safety and I am not sure Guy has stood out in a positive way yet. I also am assuming here that Chris Clemons makes it back and is not PUP'd. If Clemons is PUP'd, I think Benson Mayowa makes it in that spot.  If Clemons is not pupped, the other option I could see, instead of Mayowa, could be another more traditional D-lineman like Tony McDaniel or Clinton McDonald sneaking onto the roster. The Seahawks are marching toward a 3-4 scheme, and this is what piqued my interest in possibly carrying only 6 'heavy' traditional defensive linemen - which is something that 3-4 teams do.