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Pete Carroll: Christine Michael is the most improved player on Seahawks; injury updates, press conference

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll held a presser at the end of practice today and had a number of updates on injuries, in addition to fielding a few questions on the state of the team. One interesting thing that Carroll said was that running back Christine Michael was the most improved player on the team this year. "He’s come a long ways in so many ways," Carroll said. "He just needs to keep playing and showing and competing and showing that he’s growing as a football player."

Pete Carroll Thursday Preseason Press Conference

A few injury notes:

- DT Michael Brooks, who I was personally pretty excited about for this season, will need surgery on a knee injury. I'm assuming this means he'll go to the injured reserve. Time for Jordan Hill to step up as a penetrating and disruptive three--technique in nickel packages.

- Speaking of that particular position, Jimmy Staten is apparently getting closer to returning from a hamstring injury.  As Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times transcribes, Staten is, per Carroll, "making progress. We are just hoping that he can come can get back out next week so he can get some play time. It's going to be kind of a race to get there. It's just been really unfortunate. He just hasn't had a chance yet. Did really well, came in great, showed some glimpses of what he could be and hopefully we will get him some play time (soon)."

- Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner are both expected to return in the next week or two.

- Bryan Walters will not play, due to some rib injuries. Earl Thomas will be first up to return punts.

- On defense, Korey Toomer, Malcolm Smith, and Kam Chancellor will play tomorrow.

- On offense, Russell Okung will return, as will Max Unger, and Carroll mentioned that Marshawn Lynch will get some carries.