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Seahawks Preseason Week 1: What numbers to watch for; full updated roster

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“We’ll dedicate tomorrow night to the young guys who will be playing in their first NFL game.” - Pete Carroll

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks take the field Thursday evening and with 90 players now on the official roster, you may not recognize some numbers running around out there. With that in mind, I've included an updated roster for the Seahawks (below), and wanted to point out a few lesser-recognized digit-combinations that I'll be trying to keep an eye on during the game.



QB Terrelle Pryor: The backup quarterback position is still quite up for grabs and will feature known quantity Tarvaris Jackson versus wild card Terrelle Pryor. Considering B.J. Daniels has gotten very few reps during minicamps and training camp, I'm assuming he's a distant third for the spot. Pryor is without a doubt an exciting runner, but I'll be watching to see how he does in the pocket, and will be paying close attention to his accuracy, touch, and anticipation throwing the football.


WR Paul Richardson: He's got the speed, but I want to see if he will be able to function on non-go-route type assignments. How does he block? How does he get off the jam? Can he run a quick slant and catch the ball cleanly? These are the things I'll be looking for.


WR Kevin Smith: Smith isn't likely to make the roster but I just like the guy. I will be scouting him with the thought in mind that Seattle will put him on the practice squad plan that produced Jermaine Kearse, Phil Bates, and Bryan Walters.


Bryan Walters: Did you know that Walters was on the Seahawks 53-man roster for the Super Bowl? Everyone talks about Ricardo Lockette and Phil Bates, but Walters just keeps on hanging around. He's fast, can return kicks, and knows the system well -- we'll see if he can beat out guys like Bates and Lockette for a spot on the roster. I'll be watching Walters closely to see where the Seahawks line him up, how well he can get off the line, and how crisp he looks running his routes.


SS Jeron Johnson: Passing Game Coordinator Rocky Seto recently commented that the Seahawks' decision to slap a second-round tender on Johnson "goes to show you how much (general manager John Schneider) and coach Carroll value him." Seto went on to say that "He's invaluable without any question... because he can fill in at either safety spot, he can play in nickel packages if we want him to be a bigger nickel for us. He's just invaluable."

For a guy that's invaluable to this defense, I admit I know little to nothing about Johnson's actual game. He sat most of last season with hamstring issues but will likely play a pretty big role for the Hawks this year, barring injury. I'll be paying attention to where the Seahawks play him, how he anticipates plays, how he drops into coverage, and how he runs in man.


CB Tharold Simon: Earl Thomas recently said that he thinks Simon "can be just as good as Sherm (Richard Sherman) if he really gets his technique down. That's all it is when you're playing that corner position." So far, we've heard great things about Simon's athletic ability, his timing, and his jumping ability to go up and contest passes. If he has excellent technique, it will be fun to see if he can give Byron Maxwell a run for his money for the starting job.


CB A.J. Jefferson: Right now, the "first-four" of the cornerbacks group are Sherm, Maxwell, Jeremy Lane, and Simon. There will likely be a fifth that makes the team, and the guys competing for that honor are Jefferson, Philip Adams, Akeem Auguste, and Terrell Thomas. Right now, I'm most interested to watch Jefferson, who stood out to me in training camp practices. I'll be paying attention to the way he jams and the way he moves with receivers, and taking note of how the Seahawks play him -- inside vs. outside.


RB Christine Michael: Duh.


FS Deshawn Shead: Shead can play all four defensive back positions and special teams, which makes him a pretty valuable depth player. I will be watching to see where the Hawks line him up and how he does reading plays.


LEO/LB Jackson Jeffcoat: Jeffcoat was a pretty good get in undrafted rookie free agency, as far as name power goes, so it'll be interesting to see if he can make an impact in the preseason. As I understand it, he's practiced at both the defensive end and linebacker spots, so I'll be looking to see where the bulk of his time is spent. Past that, I'll try to note his speed, explosion, apparent instincts and tenacity.


RB Spencer Ware: Is he a fullback or a tailback? How does he look running the Tom Cable zone game? Is he still a physical, downhill runner? Is he still the guy that Pete Carroll said was the "toughest runner in college" after drafting him?


LB Brock Coyle: Playing MIKE can be chaotic. You have to set guys up, make adjustments, and anticipate misdirection, all in the matter of a few secondss, and as a rookie it's even tougher because you're so new to the playbook. Coyle has been getting a lot of hype of late -- Danny O'Neil said recently that he's the undrafted free agent most likely to make the roster -- so I am looking forward to seeing how he holds up. How does he tackle? How does he get off of blocks (stack and shed)? How does he move? Is he really a guy that could replace Heath Farwell?


LB Horace Miller: Miller is a SPARQ-god with insane athletic ability -- but I want to see how well he anticipates on the field. Will he fly around, or will be slow to react and caught thinking too much? Kevin Pierre-Louis will not play with an oblique injury, so it'll be fun to see how Miller fills in.


RT Justin Britt: The probable (?) starter at right tackle, he'll get thrown into the fire early. One of the guys I'm most excited to watch. Footwork, balance, power, intensity -- watch for these things.


DT/DE Michael Brooks: Brooks really stood out last year, seemingly constantly in the backfield and making nice plays. He's a guy that could have an outside shot at filling the Clinton McDonald role going forward but will obviously have to leapfrog a few guys to get there. Nonetheless, Brooks has talent and has hung around, so I'll be excited to see how he fares this preseason.

I'll be watching his snap-anticipation and explosion in his get-off, his hand use, and his awareness.


DT D'Anthony Smith: The Seahawks traded for Smith at roster cut-downs last year and he even quietly appeared in a few games. He seems to be a forgotten man on the defensive line competition, so like Brooks, it'll be interesting to see how he does in the preseason.


LT Alvin Bailey: I believe that Bailey will be getting the start at left tackle with Russell Okung still out, so that will be fun to see. I'll also be looking to see if they try him inside at one of the guard spots later in the game, or even out at right tackle. Footwork, hand use, and reaction times are what I'll be looking for, and of course, his tenacity in the run game.


T Garry Gilliam: I am guessing that we'll get to see a lot of Gilliam in the second half as well, as the team tries to whittle down the players in the competition at right tackle. Gilliam is another guy that could possibly see some reps at left tackle. My main question on Gilliam is his core strength in holding up against the bull rush. He's certainly athletic enough to play the position, and long enough, but I want to see if he's strong enough.


TE Rashaun Allen: The next man up after the Anthony McCoy injury. He's a big dude that moves well, but we really have no idea what he can do. I'll be watching him to see how he runs, how he catches, and how he blocks. You know, standard tight end responsibilities.


WR Phil Bates: The Phil Bates Hype Train has left the station so I'm really looking forward to seeing how he shows during preseason action. He's impressed in camp the last two years but then pretty much disappears once the preseason rolls around (he hasn't gotten much action, to be fair). So, will this year be his breakout? Last year, it was Stephen Williams that forced the team to keep him on their initial 53-man roster, will Bates be that guy this year?

I'll be watching his routes, and looking to see if his reputation for being a natural hands catcher holds up.


DT/DE Cassius Marsh: Assuming Marsh plays, it'll be fun to watch where the Hawks put him. Will he kick inside on nickel downs? Will he rush from the wide-nine alignment a la Chris Clemons? Will he be more of a strongside end? These things, plus his initial get off on the snap and strength playing against NFL tackles, will interest me.


DE Benson Mayowa: Mayowa has apparently gained about 15 pounds since last season so it'll be fun to see how last year's preseason star carries that weight. Reports out of camp have been good, so he'll definitely be near the top of my list of players to focus on.

How does he bend the edge? How many pass rush moves will he utilize? How will the Seahawks line him up?


DT Jordan Hill: Hill was injured all of last year so again, we don't know much about him. His presumptive role will be to fill in for the departed Clinton McDonald, so I'll be watching to see how disruptive he is from the inside. McDonald played with a lot of energy and tenacity for the Seahawks last year so I will be hoping that Hill can be a fiery on-field type as well.


DT/DE Greg Scruggs: Scruggs is also near the top of my list of guys to watch. Like many other players, I'll be interested to see how he's utilized inside vs. outside, and I hope to see some explosive movement after he rehabbed from a torn ACL all year. Scruggs is apparently up to 310 or so, which is something like 20 to 30 pounds more than the last time we saw him take a snap.



# Name POS Height Weight Age Exp College

Dobson, Michael SS 6-0 191 23 R East Carolina
2 Pryor, Terrelle QB 6-4 233 25 4 Ohio State
3 Wilson, Russell QB 5-11 206 25 3 Wisconsin
4 Hauschka, Steven K 6-4 210 29 7 North Carolina State
5 Daniels, B.J. QB 5-11 217 24 2 South Florida
6 Gilreath, David WR 5-9 170 25 2 Wisconsin
7 Jackson, Tarvaris QB 6-2 225 31 9 Alabama State
9 Ryan, Jon P 6-0 217 32 9 Regina
10 Richardson, Paul WR 6-0 183 22 R Colorado
11 Harvin, Percy WR 5-11 184 26 6 Florida
13 Matthews, Chris WR 6-5 218 24 1 Kentucky
14 Clark, Arceto WR 5-10 180 24 2 Mississippi State
15 Kearse, Jermaine WR 6-1 209 24 3 Washington
17 Smith, Kevin WR 5-11 214 22 R Washington
19 Walters, Bryan WR 6-0 190 26 5 Cornell
20 Lane, Jeremy CB 6-0 190 24 3 Northwestern State (La.)
22 Turbin, Robert RB 5-10 222 24 3 Utah State
23 Johnson, Jeron SS 5-10 212 26 4 Boise State
24 Lynch, Marshawn RB 5-11 215 28 8 California
25 Sherman, Richard CB 6-3 195 26 4 Stanford
26 Terrell, Steven FS 5-10 197 23 2 Texas A&M
27 Simon, Tharold CB 6-3 202 23 2 LSU
28 Adams, Phillip CB 5-11 195 26 5 South Carolina State
29 Thomas, Earl FS 5-10 202 25 5 Texas
30 Bronson, Demitrius RB 5-9 211 24 R Eastern Washington
31 Chancellor, Kam SS 6-3 232 26 5 Virginia Tech
32 Jefferson, A.J. CB 6-1 190 26 5 Fresno State
33 Michael, Christine RB 5-10 221 23 2 Texas A&M
34 Small, Kiero FB 5-8 247 25 R Arkansas
35 Shead, DeShawn CB 6-2 220 26 3 Portland State
36 Auguste, Akeem DB 5-10 185 24 2 South Carolina
38 Dowtin, Marcus LB 6-2 230 25 3 North Alabama
38 Thomas, Terrell CB 6-0 202 29 6 USC
40 Coleman, Derrick FB 6-0 233 23 3 UCLA
41 Maxwell, Byron CB 6-1 207 26 4 Clemson
42 Parks, Terrance DB 6-2 218 24 1 Florida State
43 Jeffcoat, Jackson DE 6-3 253 22 R Texas
44 Ware, Spencer FB 5-10 229 22 2 LSU
45 Coyle, Brock LB 6-1 243 23 R Montana
46 Taylor, Mike LB 6-2 222 24 1 Wisconsin
47 Miller, Horace LB 6-0 239 23 R Texas-El Paso
48 Helfet, Cooper TE 6-4 240 25 3 Duke
49 Gresham, Clint LS 6-3 240 27 5 Texas Christian
50 Wright, K.J. LB 6-4 246 25 4 Mississippi State
53 Smith, Malcolm LB 6-0 226 25 4 USC
54 Wagner, Bobby LB 6-0 241 24 3 Utah State
55 Farwell, Heath LB 6-0 235 32 10 San Diego State
56 Avril, Cliff DE 6-3 260 28 7 Purdue
57 Morgan, Mike LB 6-3 226 26 4 USC
58 Pierre-Louis, Kevin OLB 6-0 236 22 R Boston College
60 Unger, Max C 6-5 305 28 6 Oregon
61 Jeanpierre, Lemuel C/G 6-3 301 27 5 South Carolina
62 Van Roten, Greg G 6-3 303 24 3 Pennsylvania
63 Schilling, Stephen G 6-5 312 26 4 Michigan
64 Sweezy, J.R. G 6-5 298 25 3 North Carolina State
65 Brandon, Cory T 6-7 324 26 1 Oklahoma
66 Davis, C.J. G 6-2 308 27 4 Pittsburgh
66 Pulu, Andru DL 6-1 322 23 R Eastern Washington
67 Smith, Wade T 6-4 295 33 11 Memphis
67 Staten, Jimmy DT 6-3 311 23 R Middle Tennessee St.
68 Britt, Justin T 6-6 325 23 R Missouri
69 Isles, Nate G 6-5 348 22 R North Carolina A&T
70 Brooks, Michael DT 6-3 276 22 2 East Carolina
72 Bennett, Michael DE 6-4 274 28 6 Texas A&M
73 Winston, Eric T 6-7 302 30 8 Miami (Fla.)
74 Hauptmann, Caylin OT 6-3 300 23 2 Florida International
75 Smith, D'Anthony DT 6-2 300 26 5 Louisiana Tech
76 Okung, Russell T 6-5 310 25 5 Oklahoma State
77 Carpenter, James G 6-5 321 25 4 Alabama
78 Bailey, Alvin T 6-3 320 22 2 Arkansas
79 Gilliam, Garry T 6-6 306 23 R Penn State
81 Norwood, Kevin WR 6-2 199 24 R Alabama
82 Willson, Luke TE 6-5 252 24 2 Rice
83 Lockette, Ricardo WR 6-2 211 28 4 Fort Valley State
84 Allen, RaShaun TE 6-4 250 24 R Southern
86 Miller, Zach TE 6-5 255 28 8 Arizona State
87 Presley, Morrell WR 6-4 225 23 R California (Pa.)
88 Bates, Phil WR 6-1 220 24 3 Ohio
89 Baldwin, Doug WR 5-10 189 25 4 Stanford
91 Marsh, Cassius DE 6-4 254 22 R UCLA
92 Mebane, Brandon DT 6-1 311 29 8 California
93 Schofield, O'Brien LB 6-3 242 27 5 Wisconsin
94 Williams, Kevin DT 6-5 311 33 12 Oklahoma State
95 Mayowa, Benson DE 6-3 252 23 2 Idaho
97 Hill, Jordan DT 6-1 303 23 2 Penn State
98 Scruggs, Greg DE 6-3 310 23 3 Louisville
99 McDaniel, Tony DT 6-7 305 29 9 Tennessee


# Name POS Height Weight Age Exp College
85 McCoy, Anthony TE 6-5 259 26 5 USC
16 Price, Taylor WR 6-1 195 26 5 Ohio U.
90 Williams, Jesse DT 6-3 325 23 2 Alabama
39 Pinkins, Eric CB 6-3 220 23 R San Diego St.
51 Irvin, Bruce LB 6-3 248 26 3 West Virginia
59 Toomer, Korey LB 6-2 234 25 3 Idaho