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Seahawks vs. Broncos: Does Seattle have enough focus to match Denver's drive?

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The tldr; of the above video: Does Seattle have enough focus to match the Broncos' drive in this game?

I think the simple answer is yes. Pete Carroll and this team pride themselves on preparation and high-intensity in practice, and if there's a silver lining for losing last week, it is that Seahawk players and the coaching staff appear to have redoubled their focus. Much effort likely has gone to several key areas this week -- tackling, fundamentals, and execution. Without watching practice, but just based on comments we've heard from players and the coaching staff, I'd say that Seattle is probably more focused now than they were prior to the opener vs. Green Bay.

As Earl Thomas said on Wednesday, in regards to the loss in San Diego:

"The thing you can't tell when you are out there is who is getting out of their gaps and what is going on and it feels like everything is out of whack and it kind of feels like your rhythm is off," he said. "But that taught me a valuable lesson to fight those negative thoughts in your head. When you play football and you are in the arena, I think the biggest competitor is yourself because your are battling your thoughts and this and that. But you overcome those and I think I definitely got my championship spirit back after that loss. My crave, my hunger and my desire to be unstoppable is back. I didn't think I lost it, but after that game I was like ‘dang, something just hit me' and I've just been focused ever since and it feels so good just to be feeling like this."

It feels so good just to be feeling like this. God, Earl is the best.

"That game was so weird," he continued. "It was different. It just felt funny out there, even in my body language when I watch myself on film. I have no regrets from the game. But one thing I can say is just my technique and my posture wasn't aggressive. And I just think that's part of my mindset that I need to turn on."

I think you're going to see an intense, high energy defense this week, and a group that is focused heavily on tackling like they've proved they can tackle. There is a chance that the Chargers woke a sleeping giant, a team that's been praised pretty much unanimously since winning the Super Bowl, and that the chip is back. Let's hope that manifests on the field on Sunday.


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