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So you fancy yourself a NostraHawkus

How do you think 2014 will turn out? Be specific now.

You and your significant other
You and your significant other
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the season opener a day away, how about some group fortune-telling?

This article serves as the "post of record" for 2014 Seattle Seahawks-based predictions. Make your best, most honest, most reliable (yeah right) predictions here, to be preserved for all time. Be crazy, or be reasonable. Be both! Be right, maybe. Here's how it works: We've given you 12 (yes, 12) categories for you to foresee in the reflection of your Lombardi replica in a Skittles-induced hallucination in your snazzy Seahawks blue crystal ball.

Each category is lettered.

In your comment, answer as many predictions as you'd like. Just make sure to use the letter system for easier reference throughout the thread, for others to enjoy/deride, and in case you need to point out your brilliance five months from now.

Time to show, then, that you're bout this action. Boss.

Team and league stuff to begin:

A) NFC West final standings

B) NFC final playoff seeding

C) AFC final playoff seeding

D) How the Hawks' season will end: Championship, lose in SB, lose in playoffs, no playoffs

Now, the individual Seahawks stuff:

E) Team leader, receptions

F) Team leader, receiving yards

G) Marshawn Lynch's rushing yards and YPC

H) How many punt returns for Earl, with how many TDs?

I) Percy's KO return average and number of TDs

Now, the Russell Wilson Spectacular Section:

J) Passer rating over or under 104.0?

K) TD-INT. Closest ratio will win.

L) Yards passing and Y/A. Bonus: add his rushing yards and ANY/A.

There it is. Feel free to write up a fanpost if there are interesting categories I left off (like Harvin's rushing yards, Jon Ryan's total number of punts, Sherman's interceptions, men murdered by Kam, you know, the usual).

As they say, Go Hawks.