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Predicting the Seahawks shootouts in 2014

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks don't typically get involved in so-called "shootouts" -- they favor ball-control on offense, limiting possessions and snaps, generally trying to control the tempo, and have given up the fewest points in the NFL in each of the last two seasons. That said, there have been a few shootouts in the Seahawks' last two seasons:

Last year: Week 5 at Indianapolis, Seattle traded leads with the Colts before eventually falling 34-28. In Week 7's win over the Cardinals 34-22, the Hawks jumped out to a big lead before Arizona came back to make things respectable - not necessarily a shootout per se, but there were some points scored in this one. In Week 9, the Seahawks went down by three touchdowns to the Bucs, only to come back and win 27-24.

Going back a little further, in 2012 the Seahawks beat the Patriots in Week 6 24-23, then lost a shootout to the Lions in Week 8, 28-24. Their famous loss to the Falcons in the Divisional Round of the Playoffs is actually probably the best example of a "shootout" in the Seahawks' recent history.

So, with that in mind, let's look at some games this year that could end up being of the higher-scoring, lead-changing hands, down to the wire fare. To do so, I've looked at Football Outsiders' defensive DVOA projections for this year's Seahawk opponents. Tonight's game, actually, has the potential to turn into a shootout, just based on Green Bay's middling rank for defense and their propensity to run a hurry up offense. Oh, and they can score some points.

1. Packers (23rd DVOA)
2. Chargers (30th DVOA)

Week 2 might be interesting as well. Phillip Rivers had a renaissance in 2013 and the Chargers will have the home-field advantage.

3. Broncos (8th DVOA)
5. Redskins (15th DVOA)
6. Cowboys (32nd DVOA)

The Cowboys' offense is clearly better than their defense, and I could see this game being a little higher scoring that the normal type of Seahawks game.

7. Rams (9th DVOA)
8. Panthers (2nd DVOA)
9. Raiders (22nd DVOA)

If Derek Carr plays anything like he did against the Hawks in their preseason matchup, this game could get interesting.

10. Giants (3rd DVOA)
11. Chiefs (16th DVOA)
12. Cardinals (14th DVOA)
13. 49ers (5th DVOA)
14. Eagles (21st DVOA)

The Eagles are a little like the Packers in that they run a hurry up offense and have strong weapons. I could see this game turn into a sprint.

15. 49ers (5th DVOA)
16. Cardinals (14th DVOA)
17. Rams (9th DVOA)

What do you think? Any barnburners on the schedule?