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Who is the most consistent Seattle Seahawk?

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Jonathan Ferrey

The question to SBNation blogs by Marshall Faulk is an interesting one because it's something that you hear Pete Carroll and especially Russell Wilson rail upon time and time again: consistency. Being consistent in messaging, in effort, in fundamentals, in attitude, in practice, in play, in everything. It's no surprise then that in my opinion, Russell Wilson will be the most consistent player for the Seahawks this season.

Wilson is apparently mentally unflappable, has a short memory, and seems to project excellent poise and confidence almost all the time during games. His lack of emotion for the most part is borderline annoying. There have been moments where he celebrates jubilantly, or that he's looked rattled, and these have been sprinkled in over the past couple of years, but the vast majority of the time he's just got that dead-eyed determined look about him. The most frustrated you ever see Wilson is when he claps his hands together after missing a throw.

I think this steady, even-keeled demeanor is a good thing for the Seahawks because offensive players will look to him when things start getting crazy, when opposing teams start generating some momentum, and when things start snowballing out of control. Statistically, he's very consistent as well. His number of throws per game is consistent. His yardage production is relatively consistent. His rushing yardage is consistent. Everything about Russell Wilson is consistent, except maybe his haircut.

That said, there are certainly other candidates for the most consistent Seahawk. Richard Sherman would be one -- he's been consistently excellent the past two seasons (particularly down the sideline, where it's almost certain you cannot beat him) and almost never makes mistakes in games. It says something when other teams' fanbases lampoon that one time that Stevie Johnson did well against Sherman or that one other time when T.Y. Hilton beat him deep. Sherman gets beat so infrequently that the same two or three plays are still being talked about a year or more after they happen.

Marshawn Lynch is a very consistent player as well, at least as far as effort and intensity go. He's somewhat more reliant on what the offensive line is doing in front of him, but BeastMode almost never gets tackled on the first try and always comes to play with great effort and anger.

Really, you could probably pick out any number of players on the Seahawks to be Mr. Consistency. Earl. Mebane. Michael Bennett. Bobby Wagner. Kam, for sure. K.J. Wright. Hausch money?

Who gets your vote?


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