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This is more than just a game

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's late Sunday night. I sit here, typing on my Mac after a fairly exhaustive day (of watching football). But today wasn't normal.

It was a weird day for the Seahawks in Dallas - and the NFL is general. Bizarre and controversial officiating, an absurd amount of injuries, and a complete lack of offensive productivity for both teams made for a gritty game. However, this wasn't the story of the day.

Ricardo Lockette, in case you were unaware, was involved in a horrific head-to-head collision with a Cowboys player during a special teams play. Upon contact, Ricardo immediately fell limp and lied motionless for what seemed to be like several minutes. The motorized cart then came out - not a good sign, considering Ricardo had yet to move a muscle.

As he was being carted off the field, the cameras suddenly pointed to Ricardo raising his arm and making the symbol for the LOB with his hand.

Credit to Rod Mar for the incredible photo.

"Love our brothers" is what LOB stands for. In a moment of complete tragedy and uncertainty - Ricardo had the frame of mind to rely on what matters most... his brothers. Suddenly, LOB had a new meaning for me.

I had always heard the LOB slogan - whether it stood for the "Legion of Boom" or "Love our brothers". I always liked the phrase and found it as something fun to rally around for the Seattle secondary - but today, it took a new meaning for me. The LOB is more than just a defense. The LOB is more than just a group of football players. The LOB is more than just a brand. The LOB is a brotherhood - one that relies on each other so emphatically.... that even in the darkest of moments, they rely on it. They rely on each other. They rely on the bond they have. They rely on their friendship. They rely on their brotherhood.

In a way, the play brought football back to reality for me. These aren't robots I'm screaming at on a TV screen. These are real humans with real emotions and real souls - something that I feel like we tend to forget in the heat of sports.

What's so special about the LOB is that the bond clearly transcends football. These guys will grow old, slow down, and one day not be productive on a football field. But I believe they'll live on. Their legacy will live on. Their brotherhood will continue and the LOB won't be gone.

As Ricardo was being carted off, he whispered something in the Seahawks' quarterback's ear:

"Do it for me, Russ."

And they did - they'll do anything for their brothers.