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Seahawks assistants next in line for Head Coaching jobs?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The MMQB's Robert Klemko put together an interesting piece on Wednesday that broke down some of the up and coming assistant coaches in the NFL -- guys that may find themselves as head coaches in the near future. In building his list, Klemko quizzed 24 sources, including agents, current and former assistant and head coaches, current and former scouts, three plugged-in reporters and seven current and former front office leaders who have experience hiring and firing head coaches.

As you might expect, three Seahawks' coaches made the list -- Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable were in tier two as "building a case", and Kris Richard was in the third tier under "something to prove."

Klemko and his sources had some interesting things to say on the perception of Seattle's big three.

On Darrell Bevell:

"The final play of last year's Super Bowl had a cooling effect on his reputation as a rising star. Also, there's a reason Seattle defensive coordinators seem to get plucked for head-coaching jobs every year and Bevell has remained in place—some of our respondents doubted his coaching intangibles. Said one evaluator: 'Nice guy, but I don't see the ‘it' or presence it takes to be a head coach.'"

On Tom Cable:

"There was also that time he, then the head coach in Oakland, reportedly broke an assistant's jaw with a punch in 2009. Said one source: 'If he hadn't punched a guy, he'd be a head coach by now.'"

On Kris Richard:

"Seahawks defensive players swear he's the next in an assembly line of head coaches to emerge from the Seattle coordinator spot. A former third-round draft pick of the team in 2002, Richard took the coordinator job vacated by Dan Quinn's hiring in Atlanta. Because Richard is entering his first season as a pro coordinator, this is largely a projection."

If you're a team looking for a new head coach, which Seahawks assistant above would you put your money on?