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3 Reasons the Seahawks should sign Evan Mathis

Seahawks Front Office: I hope you read this...and sign Mathis solely based off this article.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Mathis is good – in case you didn’t know

For the less attentive fans, Evan Mathis is a former All-Pro left guard for the Eagles. After being cut for whatever reason by Chip Kelly in the offseason – Mathis became a free agent and has yet to find a team home. Recent reports indicate that contract guarantees seem to be the issue dividing Mathis and many teams. The dude is a stud, and arguably top 3-5 at his position.

He is incredibly talented – and if signed, would have an immediate impact on the Hawks’ offensive line. Seattle’s O-line, with a Mathis addition, would likely be better than last year’s O-line. Pass protection would instantly improve, and Russell Wilson would likely live a few more days at the end of his life. This is good news.

We’re first name bros – how could I not want him?

The dude has one of the best names on the planet. Easily top 15. Top 10 if you’re feeling generous. I mean – how can you not love the name Evan? If you’ve ever had a kid, I’m sure Evan was one of the first names to come to mind. It’s not even debatable. And I’m not just saying this because I’m biased and I’m named Evan – quite the opposite actually.

I truly think the name "Evan" is elite. Kind of like how some would call Joe Flacco elite. Except maybe a little bit less debatable.

The dude is sexy

I am a straight male, but how can you not love this face, and the luscious locks than accompany this beautiful soul? You’re just anti-human if you think otherwise. Heck – I don’t even care if he has any talent anymore – based off of this man’s looks alone...he at LEAST deserves a spot on the 53 man roster.... and a $10M base salary just because he carries the name Evan.

And that concludes one of the most intelligent, analytical articles I’ve ever written. I love you Evan, come to Seattle. We want you. We accept you here.