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You Saw This One Coming: 2015 Prediction Post

Won't someone please tell us the future?

You, probably
You, probably
Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

If your aim is to unseat reigning Hawkstradamus Drunk Viking, this is your chance.

I've prepared 20 categories for you. Each question is worth five points to the winner, three to the runner-up, and one for third place. Collect the most points by February 2016 and you can be the site's next fortune teller.

Sounds easy enough but you've probably set up 12 billion rules for me to follow. I know you, man.

Yeah you do. For ease of compilation, please arrange your answers in this way:

A) answer (tie-breaker if applicable)

B) answer

C) answer

etc, all the way down to T) answer

- - - - - - - - - -

Failure to follow instructions will disqualify you. Tie-breakers are all optional.

- - - - - - - - - -

You may skip a question. If you don't want to win.

Actually that's all the rules. Try not to get banned between now and February though.

Is this just like last year's contest?

No sir ma'am. New features of the 2015 Hawkstradamus Challenge:

  • Zero Percy Harvin questions
  • No "Do We Win The Super Bowl Or What" questions
  • Some quirky questions, some expected ones
  • Points remove any subjective grading from the process

Hey, the season starts soon!

Yes. Deadline to fill this out is Thursday, September 10 at kickoff of the first game.

Playoffs count too?

No. Unless noted, the answers are for regular season only. FOR REGULAR SEASON ONLY, WILLIAM & POLLY.

I'm ready.

Me too. Go.

INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES (optional tie-breaker)

A) Yards rushing for Marshawn Lynch (total TD)

B) Total receptions for Jimmy Graham (total TD)

C) Frank Clark sacks plus Tyler Lockett total touchdowns (how many apiece?)

D) Total number of touches for Fred Jackson (total TD)

E) Russell Wilson final passer rating (league rank)

F) Russell Wilson total yards (how many rushing?)

G) Top three Hawks in tackles (include numbers)

H) Top three Hawks in interceptions (include numbers)

I) Top three Hawks in sacks (include numbers)

J) Number of field goals made by Steven Hauschka (number missed)

TEAM CATEGORIES (optional tie-breaker)

K) NFL rank, scoring defense (points allowed)

L) NFL rank, scoring offense (points scored)

M) NFL rank, red zone TD percentage

N) Team's run-pass ratio, with one decimal, for example 54.8-45.2

O) Team's home point differential


P) Longest non-ST scoring play of the season, by who? (which week)

Q) Number of total games, including playoffs, in which Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman appear together

R) Provide the NFC West final standings, with W-L records

S) List the six AFC playoff teams, with seeding

T) List the six NFC playoff teams, with seeding

That's all. Dazzle us.