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The Offense in a Snap

The Offense in a Snap! 5 touchdowns in Baltimore

A quick look at all 5 scoring plays from Sunday's contest in Baltimore.

This Week in Defense and The Offense in a Snap

The combo platter.

Pedestrians have the right of way

The offense in a snap.

Your first mistake is your last

Field Gulls Football Snapshot: Taking a look at Tyler Lockett's touchdown reception.

The Offense in a Snap: Two throws to win

Taking a close look at the mechanics of the last two plays of the NFC Championship Game.

The Offense in a Snap: Ingenuity vs. simplicity

A discussion on the state of the Seahawks' offense and a few key breakdowns of plays and examples of things I believe Seattle needs to utilize going forward.

The Offense in a Snap: Why isn't this easier?

I feel after this last tough performance from the Seahawks' offense, it's time to take a hard look at some things and discuss fan expectation vs reality and hope for the future.

The Offense in a Snap: The Young Guns

Walking you through of a few select Seahawks' offensive plays from the Panthers game.

The Offense in a Snap: Doug Baldwin is awesome

The Offense In A Snap: Seahawks vs. Cowboys

Breaking down a few plays from Seattle's loss to Dallas.

The Offense In A Snap: Jermaine Kearse's TD catch

Taking you through the mechanics of an offensive play using two streams. One, my audio track posted on YouTube, and two, an audio-less clip of the play in question.

Russell Wilson, 4 games in

Today I take a look at preseason Russell Wilson vs Russell Wilson in these first four weeks, discussing what it means and also how things can improve and why the preseason did matter.