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Seattle Seahawks Playoff Picture

All the information you need surrounding the NFC Playoff Picture and the Seattle Seahawks from SB Nation's Field Gulls.

Seahawks Week 18 rooting guide: Playoff positioning and draft positioning

We explore multiple angles for Seahawks fans’ rooting interests.

Explaining the rarely used tiebreaker that separates the Seahawks from the Packers

It’s not often that "strength of victory" is used as a playoff tiebreaker.

If the Seahawks make the wild card, which team would you want to face?

There are only 3 teams the Seahawks could play in the Wild Card round, should they clinch a postseason spot.

NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks need a Week 18 Packers home loss... again

Go Bears!

Seahawks Week 17 playoff picture and rooting guide: A Giant upset, anyone?

The Seahawks only have one way to clinch a playoff spot, but they can still get a lot of help to make the postseason.

Believe it or not, Seahawks can clinch a playoff spot in Week 17

It involves both the Packers and Vikings not winning... except they play each other.

Broncos, Saints on their way to giving Seahawks better draft pick

Russell Wilson does the Seahawks a solid one more time.

Seahawks back in wild card spot, control playoff fate after Vikings loss

Seattle got the help necessary to return to a wild card spot.

How the Seahawks can clinch a playoff spot (or be eliminated!) before Week 18

Warning: Math involved.

Seahawks can go from virtually eliminated to near lock with a win

The ‘Hawks almost eliminated themselves until Drew Lock saved the season, and the odds are climbing quickly.

Your Seahawks wild card playoff rooting guide for Week 16

Seattle is on the cusp of controlling its own playoff fate.

NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks dramatically change playoff fate

The Seahawks are almost assured of a postseason berth if they win out.

NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks’ path to wild card just got clearer despite Rams win

Winning out almost guarantees a playoff spot for the Seahawks.

NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks get more playoff help, thanks to... David Moore?!

The Packers are fumbling one of the easiest remaining schedule in the league.

Jake Browning saves Bengals’ season, helps the Seahawks’ playoff chances

The Seahawks got a helping hand from a Washington Husky.

Seahawks playoff chances are better than you might think

Finishing strong could rewrite the 2023 season’s inconsistent narrative.

Seahawks Week 15 playoff picture and rooting guide

Sam Howell, Baker Mayfield, and Jake Browning to the rescue?!

Seahawks handed playoff lifeline by Tommy DeVito

The New York Giants just shook up the NFC wild card hunt even more.

NFC Playoff Picture, Week 14: Seahawks mathematically bounced from NFC West race

It’s tied for the longest division title drought since the Seahawks returned to the NFC West in 2002.

Week 14 Seahawks playoff rooting guide: Everything just got simplified

Seattle needs help anywhere it can get, plus it must help itself by winning again.

Seahawks have almost everything go wrong, are probably screwed

The Rams are hot, the Seahawks are not.

Seahawks playoff odds are tumbling down

Moral victories are not actual victories.

Seahawks Week 13 Playoff Rooting Guide: Mahomes can Mahelp the Mahawks

Like a good neighbor, the Kansas City Chiefs are there.

NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks benefit from Bears’ comical upset win

Thanks, Justin Fields!

NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks chances are now very low

The Packers and Rams winning was the worst case outcome for the Seahawks.

Seahawks playoff probability takes a hit before 49ers game even starts

That was not an ideal start to Thanksgiving for the Seahawks.

Seahawks playoff odds, Week 12 rooting guide: Best and worst case scenarios

Neither scenario is even that unthinkable.

NFC Playoff Picture: Here come the Rams

Seattle got some favorable results to soften the loss to the Rams.

Seahawks Week 11 Playoff Rooting Guide: Russell Wilson can do Seattle a solid

A look at which teams Seahawks fans should root for in the playoff hunt.

NFL Playoff Picture, Week 11: Seahawks face big probability swing

This isn’t a must-win against the Rams, but it feels like one.

Seahawks and 49ers headed for epic showdown ... or not

Comparing each team’s remaining schedule yields clues for how the division race will be resolved

NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks confidently holding down No. 5 seed

A playoff picture is starting to materialize.

Seahawks matchup against Commanders carries significant playoff implications

Despite the ugly loss to the Ravens in Week 9, the Seahawks have a very good shot to make the postseason in a weak NFC.

NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks drop to No. 5 spot

Why yes, Seattle is still in a playoff spot by multiple games.

Twitter reacts to Seahawks, Geno Smith’s revenge win over the Jets

Seahawks Playoff Rooting Guide, Week 17: Who do you want?