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Daily Gulls Poll

Who to keep long-term: Frank Clark or Sheldon Richardson?

A looming choice for GM John Schneider

Summer polls recap, Part 2

The most interesting results, in one place

Summer polls recap, Part 1

Field Gulls readers used the offseason to provide us with a mountain of data about the past, present and future of Seahawks football

Are John Schneider’s miracle drafts behind him?

Just say no

Make your picks for the Seahawks starting 5 offensive line

If so, tell us how it shakes out

Pick your Seahawks training camp battle winners at 3 key positions

Choose a runner, a catcher, a thrower

What are your NFL tailgate necessities?

Viewing parties and tailgate get-togethers are less than a week away.

Which defensive group is the best?

Don’t answer too quickly

Which Seahawk is most primed for a bounce-back season?

Someone is. Someone always is

Which member of the Legion of the Boom will be the last to leave?

Timely question, considering the offseason each guy has had

The Kam Chancellor contract one

Three aspects of the new deal warrant your poll input

Foresee a few snap battles for us

One of our last fortune-telling polls of the summer

Who’s ready for some fantasy football?

Share your opinions about the game within the game

What’s wrong with the NFL, Part 2

Wherein six of the issues you identified get special follow-up treatment

Who will be the Seahawks’ comeback player from injury?

A few guys could use the boost to their career

Daily poll becomes daily trivia

How well do you know the 2016 roster and 2016 events? Think again, maybe

Who belongs most on the 2017 list of 12 flag raisers?

Among fairly recently retired players only

Which team will earn the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL draft?

Besides the Seattle Seahawks, obviously

Vote: Seahawks play of the 2013 postseason

180 minutes of football produced so many of the franchise’s best moments

Vote on the Seahawks play of the year for 2013

But just the regular season. Postseason’s tomorrow

Vote on the Seahawks Play of the Year for 2012

Voting this week is a walk down a heavily trafficked memory lane built by exceptional players having exceptional moments

Which 12-related term suits you?

Nobody mention Texas A&M, okay

Disconnect CenturyLink, try another stadium name on for size

There are several elegant local options

Justin Britt: Does he stay or does he go now?

A $5-10 million question, in annual terms

You call the final play of Super Bowl XLIX

Sorry about the picture

What do you consider the Seahawks “trap game” of 2017?

With or without you (a Russell Wilson wins experiment)

In which the FG crowd decides how many wins RW is worth

Two Seahawks personnel hypotheticals, inspired by the Super Bowl teams

More “would you rather” scenarios, just like yesterday

Two Seahawks playoff hypotheticals

Would you rather, double-dipped

Legion Of... Ball?

Give the defenders a chance on offense, they said. What’s the worst that could happen, they said

Which Seahawks offensive players would make the best defenders?

Tomorrow, the defense gets the same treatment

Shaun Alexander: Nature or nurture?

An age-old debate, with "age" defined as 15 years

Best Seahawks crowd moments; there are a few

Vote for one, if you even can

The CLink may be a sound garden, but is that a good thing?

Please scream an answer at your device for added authenticity

Which draft choice will be the odd man out?

You know someone will. Someone always is.

Overrated, underrated, just-right-rated Seahawk receivers

Three polls for the price of one