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A special Seattle Seahawks retrospective podcast: Part I - Pete Carroll arrives

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Before you enjoy the podcast I have recorded below, I wanted to explain why I recorded it and why it's unique from most retrospectives around. I wanted to do a piece that explored the state of the Seahawks' organization all the way up to Pete's arrival in 2010. I also wanted to focus on the state of fans up to that point as well. This isn't just all about highlights and magical hindsight. I also wanted the fans to understand just how bad it had gotten since Ken Berhing had bought the team in 1988, and nearly moved the team in 1996.

Taking this podcast approach will pretty much mean that some things will get missed or certain points get compressed. As always, if you feel that I am missing something please feel free to leave it in the comments. Also please be aware that when I talk about fan sentiment -- which is the main focus of this piece-- I realize that I can't capture every possible opinion or point of view. I've taken care to be as general as I can. This isn't about calling anyone out either, and though I mention a few personal opinions, this isn't about saying "You dudes always hated Pete and now look what he did!!"

A few notes:

- I attempted to clean up and trim down the audio but there are about 3-4 significant pauses that I couldn't quite cut right.

- The podcast will cover the 2010 - 2011 seasons

- The podcast will not cover Pete's remake of the organization. This will be covered in Part 2, which will talk about 2012 and 2013. I felt that I had so much to cover in this first part I wanted to make sure I could dedicate a good chunk of Part 2 to Pete's restructure of the organization and follow it with his best seasons.

Topics covered:

- Nordstrom Sells to Ken Berhing

- Paul Allen purchases the team

- Mike Holmgren is hired

- Mike Holmgren is fired as GM

- Tim Ruskell is hired

- Mike Holmgren retires

- Jim Mora and Ruskell are fired

- Paul Allen cleans house with Tod Leiwieke

- Pete Carroll is hired (fan reaction)

- John Schneider is hired

- Roster moves, fan reactions, and season results

With all that laid out enjoy the podcast and Part 2 should be up in a week or so.