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FieldGulls Radio Live: The one about free agency

Free agency, the only time of the football year where a general manager is truly damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

Jamie Squire

It's time to get back to business. The league year has long since started, visits are happening. Melton signed with Dallas, should we be upset? What about Jared Allen? We'll have Brian "HawkBlogger" Nemhauser on to give us his own predictions on what might go down, and to give his take on where the Seahawks might go from here on out.

We're going to open up with Rain City Redemption's Will Cornell though, and a little post Superbowl celebration. We haven't talked with you all since the day of, and the creator of the Rain City series should make a great guest for the occasion. If you haven't seen the trailer for this summer's episode you can watch it here on FieldGulls, and you should.

Call in at any point if you'd like to join in the conversation. The number is (646) 716-5420, and yes if you're on your phone you can just click the link to call. I made it easy for you

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