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Jon Ryan joined Field Gulls Radio for an interview

We were lucky enough to get a good twenty minutes with Jon last night and asked him a handful of questions from the Field Gulls community, along with a few of our own.

When we here at Field Gulls radio found out that Jon Ryan - current all-universe punter for the Seattle Seahawks - had agree to come onto the show for some verbal banter, we were pumped. We are still pumped. When you listen to the interview you'll hear that we were also pumped during the interview, it was difficult not to go full on fanboy on the guy to be perfectly honest with you.

I apologize to anyone who didn't get a proper shoutout when we asked your questions. We somehow managed to lose the google doc that contained the setlist just minutes before the interview so we kind of just went off memory of what we had taken down. We loved all the submissions and tried to ask as many as we could.

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I do this every episode now, but I just want to thank everyone who has taken part in this first year of the show. It's been so much fun. A few of my favorites were when we had former Seahawk Chad Brown on the show, and that is now joined by this really fun Jon Ryan interview. We're working on bringing in a second current player in the coming weeks so look forward to that.

I'm Luke Wehrheim. FieldGulls Radio is hosted by myself and a good friend of mine, Patton Richard. We do what we can to gather the most kick ass, relevant guests we can find on a weekly basis. Our call screener Corax works very hard to make sure no 49ers fans make it on the air. This show is no joke folks. Make sure you're following us both so you can join in the conversation throughout the week. Follow the show on twitter as well so you'll always have the inside scoop on who's appearing on the show this week.