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The StatHawk

Doug has some historically good numbers

Just check them out, won't you?

The StatHawk, Week 7: Dark Side of the Fourth

Bit of a downer, sorry. Facts can be that way.

The StatHawk, Week 6: Cam vs. Russ

And an update on the OL Differential, a stat under construction

Door 1: Rams. Door 2: Packers

Comparing the Hawks' recent performance against each team.

The StatHawk, Week 1: Our pal regression

It's not always a naughty word, you know.

The Patriots aren't the Broncos

The teams are similar. But not really. But kind of. But not really.

Why Green Bay wins (intellectually speaking)

If the Hawks don't reach XLIX, this'll probably be why. (However: Sea 34, GB 20.)

Panthers at Seahawks: Twelve Myths Busted

There are things about Saturday's playoff game that aren't worth thinking.

The StatHawk, Season Finale: Personal Goals

What statistical milestones can these 20 players reach or surpass tomorrow?

The Stathawk: Ten tall statistical tales

You might know the Hawks have been dominant for the last four weeks. You might not know how dominant. Hint: very.

The StatHawk: Spread offense

A look at Russell Wilson's propensity to distribute the ball; followed by a statistical tale of the tape between the Eagles and Seahawks.

The StatHawk: The QBs left on the Seahawks' docket

Seattle's remaining schedule is tough-looking, but the opposing quarterbacks should inspire very little fear in the hearts of fans.

The StatHawk, Week 12: Snap Judgments

2013 ain't no 2014 when it comes to defensive line snaps.

The StatHawk, Week 11: MoreShawn Lynch, please

How Beast Mode stacks up against the league's best this year... and himself a little too.

The Stathawk, Halfway Thru: State of the Hawks' OL

A semi-comprehensive look at where the Seattle offensive line stacks up among its peers.

The StatHawk, Week 9: Fumbles-n-Axioms

An effort to reverse jinx Wilson's fumblitis; putting a Peteism to a preliminary statistical test.

Let's talk about sacks, maybe

The pass rush and pass defense of the 2014 Seattle Seahawks are both a shadow's shadow of their former dominant selves.

The StatHawk, Week 7: Mostly Jon Ryan

An ode to the dominating season the Hawks' punter is producing; also, a scary cross-conference comparison.

The StatHawk, Week 6: Positive Play Differentials

Wilson and Romo produce similar amount of positive plays, but one guy's defense lets him down, while the other's does not. In other news, water is wet.

Your QB Metric. Yours.

An attempt to channel the depository of intelligence that populates Field Gulls into something other than hilarious .gif threads. Like, for example, a comprehensive quarterback evaluation tool.

The StatHawk, Weeks 2-3: The Tipping Points

Pretty safe bet that the Hawks will give up more points than they did in XLVIII. But how many is a truly dangerous amount?

The Stathawk, Weeks 1-2

How two stats-of-the-week shine light on the Seahawks' recent success and their chances of victory in the coming game.


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