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Seattle Seahawks Analysis

Seattle Seahawks film and game analysis from SB Nation's Field Gulls.

The Seahawks defense is too expensive to be this mediocre

How many more years will it take for Pete Carroll to build an above-average defense again?

Jaxon Smith-Njigba is steadily emerging in Seahawks offense

Slowly but surely, JSN is showing why the Seahawks took him at No. 20 overall.

The Seahawks run defense is terrible again

The "improved run defense" has disappeared.

The Open Field: Do you even want the Seahawks in the playoffs?

Talking points from 2010 are here...

Seahawks had Noah Fant block Nick Bosa on 4th-and-1 run, with predictable results

This has to be a practical joke.

Cigar Thoughts, Game 11: Juiceless

The Seattle Seahawks got their butts whooped by the 49ers in front of friends, family, and the entire country

Winners and Losers from 49ers 31, Seahawks 13

That was as awful as expected and then some.

‘Fire our OC please’ - An offense so offensive that all of Seahawks Twitter is offended

And can you blame us?!

Some much-needed gameday optimism, and a harder-than-it-sounds ‘keys to the game’

It’ll take a lot for the Seahawks to win against the 49ers, but it’s not impossible!

Video: Thanksgiving Eve thoughts on the Seahawks roster, Pete, and Waldron

How important is this four-game stretch for the Seahawks, both short-term and long-term?

12 Thoughts as the Seahawks face a proverbial ‘must win’ game against a familiar foe

A collection of FTR thoughts that weren’t turned into their own articles ...

Preview: Seahawks and 49ers will pummel each other while we eat turkey

No time to worry about the last one, it’s on to the biggest game of the year on the biggest stage.

Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 117: Mailbag!

Jacson and Mike answer your questions about the Seahawks following a brutal loss to the Rams

Snap Reactions: Frank Clark plays 31 snaps, for some reason

Derick Hall scarcely played, presumably ceding snaps to Clark.

Time is up for Dee Eskridge

The Seahawks made a mistake by drafting Eskridge, and they need to stop investing in their error.

Seahawks by the Numbers: a look at the significant stats from Week 11

The Seahawks are a new NFL leader, and other revelations.

Video Analysis: The worst of the 130 yards of penalties against the Rams

Pete Carroll’s team has lost its ability to play within the rules.

Cigar Thoughts, Game 10: Seahawks’ lack of discipline finally costs them

Self-inflicted wounds, from coaches and players, cripple the Seattle Seahawks in a 17-16 loss to the Los Angeles Rams

Winners and Losers: Rams 17, Seahawks 16

There is no excusing this type of defeat.

Why the Seahawks’ inconsistent offense still ranks high in DVOA

Yeah, the Seahawks offense is more efficient than they look.

Mailbag: What’s preventing the Seahawks from being a top-tier team?

Answering questions from Seahawks fans ahead of a very difficult upcoming schedule!

Seahawks All-22 Film Review: Devon Witherspoon’s top plays vs. Commanders

It was another outstanding performance by the Seahawks’ top 2023 draft pick.

Seahawks vs. Rams Week 11 preview: Escape from LA (with a victory?)

The Seattle Seahawks attempt to split the season series with the Los Angeles Rams and pay them back for the Week 1 defeat.

Geno Smith isn’t committing as many negative plays as you think

Interceptions plus sacks plus fumbles equals...Geno’s elite?

No two weapons are alike, which is good

From twitchy little guys to bulldozers, Seattle’s got all kinds of weapons to work with.

What would it cost the Seahawks to part ways with Geno Smith after 2023?

Geno Smith’s team-friendly contract gives the Seahawks ‘an out’ after this season, should they decide to go that route

4 areas where Geno Smith has excelled the most this season

Why yes, Geno Smith has had a few good things worth celebrating.

12 Thoughts after the Seahawks slipped past the Commanders in Week 10

A collection of FTR thoughts that weren’t turned into their own articles ...

Seahawks Reacts Survey: Will Seattle finish the season above .500?

The Seahawks are comfortably above .500, but will they remain that way?

Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 115: Michael Bumpus

One of our favorites hops back in the lounge

Geno Smith’s career-best game vs. Washington doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t ‘the one’

Comparing Geno’s first 9 games this year to his first 9 (and his second 9) last year.

Field Gulls Mailbag: Send in your Seahawks mid-season questions!

Nine down, eight to go! What are your questions about the Seahawks at the midway point of the season?

Seahawks by the numbers: 8 stories through stats in win over Commanders

Defensive line, Offensive line, and Boye Mafe who may never stop.

Cigar Thoughts, Game 9: Seahawks land the final punch in brawl with Commanders

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Washington Commanders 29-26 on a last-second field goal, moving to 6-3 and staying tied for first in the NFC West.

Winners and Losers from Seahawks 29, Commanders 26

It was a whirlwind win, but a win nevertheless for the Seahawks.

Boye Mafe sets a Seahawks record

The second year pro is delivering on his potential and the record books will show it