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Seattle Seahawks Statistics

All the Seattle Seahawks statistics you need from SB Nation's Field Gulls.

The biggest problem of the Geno Smith Era: Too many field goals

Seattle’s points per drive are right up there with the best offenses in the NFL... so why doesn’t it feel like it?

How did Devon Witherspoon’s rookie year stack up to last year’s best?

Witherspoon’ stats were remarkable in more than one facet of defense.

DK Metcalf’s postseason receiving record broken this weekend

The season is over for the Rams rookie sensation, but what a year it was.

Seahawks snap counts were horrifically lopsided again

This can’t keep happening.

Geno Smith didn’t hit a single contract incentive

Smith was close, but a decimated Offensive Line and two missed games certainly didn’t help his passing statistics.

Seahawks by the Numbers: Season-ending edition

The good, bad, and ugly on how Seattle performed this year.

Through 16 games, how close were the Seahawks to the best WR room?

Jaxon Smith-Njigba’s arrival did indeed put Seattle in the uppermost echelon of wide receiver talent.

Geno Smith is not a sack-taking machine

No, Geno isn’t getting sacked nearly as often as you think.

Will Dissly has moved down Seahawks’ tight end pecking order

One of the NFL’s highest cap hits at the tight end position is 3rd on his own team in snap counts.

Snap Reactions: Steelers steamrolled Seahawks hand-picked defense

The Seahawks spent the offseason retooling the defense, but all the time and effort do not appear to have addressed the issues that plagued it.

Seahawks offense showing 3rd down improvement since Abe Lucas’ return

Seattle’s 3rd down offense has come to life in the last month.

Geno Smith, Drew Lock just made NFL history with game-winning drives

And Pete Carroll was involved in the other historic stat.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba just did something that’s never happened in modern NFL history

Not one, but two last-minute game-winning touchdowns by the Seahawks rookie.

Stats don’t lie: A quick guide to the win over the Eagles

Some cool stuff from Drew Lock and other offensive heroes in Monday Night Football.

Trio of Seahawks, pair of 49ers fined by NFL for end of game fracas

Everyone knew the NFL would levy fines for scuffle near the end of the Seahawks-49ers game in Week 14, and now we know who owes how much.

Seahawks need to upset Eagles to keep playoff hopes off life support

The once promising season has taken a turn for the worse since the calendar flipped to November, but an upset of the Eagles on Monday Night Football would give the playoff chances of the Seahawks a jolt of life.

Where the Seahawks stand in their youth movement

What’s been sold as a reload through the draft, is showing to be more of a reload through veteran free agency, at least on one side of the ball.

Snap Reactions: Mike Jackson quietly played nearly entire game versus 49ers

Often when a team loses a starting defensive back, the opponent will target their replacement, but Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers threw at Jackson just three times Sunday.

Seahawks by the numbers: Exclusively defense, almost exclusively bad

Some fun facts about the city of Seattle, brought to you by the Hawks ‘defense’

Seahawks have an uninspiring run scheme

The Seattle running game is a bit of a mess.

The deep shots to Tyler Lockett have disappeared

Seattle’s perennial big-play threat has scarcely had explosive moments in 2023.

The only chance the Seahawks have of beating the 49ers

Turnovers. Plural. Not singular.

Pete Carroll’s personal 4th down evolution is not a one-off

This ain’t the Pete from two years ago. And that’s a good thing!

Jaxon Smith-Njigba has a real chance of breaking a Seahawks rookie record

Could Joey Galloway’s Seahawks rookie receptions mark be in jeopardy?

Seahawks have enjoyed a level of QB stability most teams haven’t had

Most NFL teams cycle through quarterbacks like toddlers through clothes, but not Seattle.

The latest Geno Smith incentives progress check

Seattle’s QB1 could earn up to $15M in incentives this year, but will he?

Can you lose a game in the 4th quarter?!

Seattle’s defense has had opportunities to protect leads over the past month. It’s not gone well.

Jason Myers: Highly paid, highly inconsistent

Not what you want out of one of the highest paid placekickers in the league.

Seahawks vs. Cowboys was historic

This is not something you see very often in any era of the NFL.

The Seahawks defense is too expensive to be this mediocre

How many more years will it take for Pete Carroll to build an above-average defense again?

Jaxon Smith-Njigba is steadily emerging in Seahawks offense

Slowly but surely, JSN is showing why the Seahawks took him at No. 20 overall.

The Seahawks run defense is terrible again

The "improved run defense" has disappeared.

The Seahawks lied to you

Once a consensus Power Ranking top-10, the Seahawks have faltered and the veil has fallen.

The 49ers own Shane Waldron

The 49ers defense is tough to crack, but you’d think you’d be able to succeed at least once.

Seahawks suffer heaviest prime-time loss in Lumen Field history

Seattle doesn’t lose a lot in prime-time, and blowouts are even rarer.

Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf etched their names in Seahawks franchise annals

It was a history-making day for Seattle’s top two receivers.