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Seattle Seahawks Statistics

All the Seattle Seahawks statistics you need from SB Nation's Field Gulls.

The latest Geno Smith incentives progress check

Seattle’s QB1 could earn up to $15M in incentives this year, but will he?

Can you lose a game in the 4th quarter?!

Seattle’s defense has had opportunities to protect leads over the past month. It’s not gone well.

Jason Myers: Highly paid, highly inconsistent

Not what you want out of one of the highest paid placekickers in the league.

Seahawks vs. Cowboys was historic

This is not something you see very often in any era of the NFL.

The Seahawks defense is too expensive to be this mediocre

How many more years will it take for Pete Carroll to build an above-average defense again?

Jaxon Smith-Njigba is steadily emerging in Seahawks offense

Slowly but surely, JSN is showing why the Seahawks took him at No. 20 overall.

The Seahawks run defense is terrible again

The "improved run defense" has disappeared.

The Seahawks lied to you

Once a consensus Power Ranking top-10, the Seahawks have faltered and the veil has fallen.

The 49ers own Shane Waldron

The 49ers defense is tough to crack, but you’d think you’d be able to succeed at least once.

Seahawks suffer heaviest prime-time loss in Lumen Field history

Seattle doesn’t lose a lot in prime-time, and blowouts are even rarer.

Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf etched their names in Seahawks franchise annals

It was a history-making day for Seattle’s top two receivers.

Seahawks running backs are going nowhere fast in the red zone

The numbers are bad. Very bad.

Seahawks by the Numbers: a look at the significant stats from Week 11

The Seahawks are a new NFL leader, and other revelations.

Why the Seahawks’ inconsistent offense still ranks high in DVOA

Yeah, the Seahawks offense is more efficient than they look.

Geno Smith isn’t committing as many negative plays as you think

Interceptions plus sacks plus fumbles equals...Geno’s elite?

4 areas where Geno Smith has excelled the most this season

Why yes, Geno Smith has had a few good things worth celebrating.

Snap Reactions: Zach Charbonnet outsnaps Ken Walker for third straight game

The 2023 second round running back has slowly seen his snaps increase over the course of the season, and is now routinely seeing the field a little bit more than the 2022 second round running back.

Each week Pete Carroll says he wants to run, each game proves otherwise

Pete Carroll’s offense is not very balanced.

Seahawks matchup against Commanders carries significant playoff implications

Despite the ugly loss to the Ravens in Week 9, the Seahawks have a very good shot to make the postseason in a weak NFC.

ESPN’s FPI gives Seahawks a good chance to make playoffs

Third-down conversion rates cited as the stat that ‘defined’ the first half of the season for Seattle.

Should there be concern about the Seahawks CB target rates?

The answer to that question might surprise you.

The Seahawks defense is responsible for its annual inability to get off the field

Welcome to the 2023 edition of "Stop blaming the offense for the defense’s snap count problem."

Snap Reactions: Seahawks offense struggles as Jake Bobo stays on the sideline

Bobo and former second round pick Dee Eskridge combined to play just 9 offensive snaps against the Ravens in Week 9.

Seahawks by Numbers: 6 gut-wrenching stats from loss to Ravens

The biggest storylines from the Week 9 catastrophe, told by numbers.

Seahawks suffer 2nd heaviest defeat of Pete Carroll era

You know what the worst one is.

Kenneth Walker simply cannot help himself

The shifty RB leads the league in blazing his own trail.

Checking in on Tyler Lockett’s progress toward fifth-consecutive 1,000-yard season

Lockett has picked up the pace over the past 3 weeks, but will it be enough?

Seahawks remain a top-10 team from efficiency standpoint

Despite their periodic struggles on offense, Seattle remains a top-10 team efficiency-wise.

Seahawks have played NFL’s easiest strength of schedule by DVOA

Next up: The No. 1 ranked Baltimore Ravens.

Seahawks by Numbers: 6 intriguing stats from win over Browns

The biggest storylines from the Week 8 win, told by numbers.

Is it fair to fault Geno Smith for doing what he’s best at?

Seattle’s QB came under fire the past couple weeks, but for something that’s an integral part of his game.

DeeJay Dallas is running away from the competition

More like DeeJay Texas cause every run is bigger this year.

What the 2015 Seahawks can tell us about the 2023 Seahawks offense

Alternatively: Maybe stop freaking out about Geno Smith and Jaxon Smith-Njigba until it’s actually time to freak out.

Where do Bobo and JSN stack up against other rookie receivers?

Individually and cumulatively, JSN and Bobo are putting together a year to remember.

Jake Bobo has NFL’s most improbable touchdown of the season

Geno to Bobo has a nice ring to it.

Seahawks schedule gets a whole lot tougher after Sunday’s game against the Cardinals

The good news is that it’s not just Seattle that has a tough schedule in the weeks ahead.