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Twelve's Company: Talking Seahawks with some bros

We are the bro's you've heard about, bringing you the Seahawks knowledge you have been craving.

Jonathan Moore

Hey guys and gals, it's SUPER cool to have you back for another podcast with us.

In the week 6 episode, Matt, Ike and I look back at the Colts game, for way longer than we should have considering the bit of frustration that bubbles up for me any time I recall the game.

Given the loss this last weekend, and our 4-1 record, what does the playoff scenario look like in the NFC in terms of gaining homefield advantage?

A team that was a real contender just four or five weeks ago, that now looks like a heap-o-junk (The Atlanta Falcons) might have an asset worth considering for the Seahawks in Tony Gonzalez. Is that crazy? I mean, is it really? I'm going to tack a poll onto this actually, just to see what you guys think. Why not?!

We also spend a bit of time looking at two young players on the roster that are making a couple of veteran players look expendable right now. Matthew throws a bone to fellow Hawks' blogger Keith Myers for doing a solid breakdown on one of those youngsters, Michael Bowie.

And of course, as always, we run through the injury report and prep you for this weekends matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

Bon Appétit!


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