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Allow myself to introduce..... myself

New to Field Gulls? Here, read this!

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It occurred to me with the recent success of the Seattle Seahawks, there may be some new readers to Field Gulls over the past few months. With this in mind, I'm going to quote FG writer Jason Drake, because what he wrote recently in response to a new poster was a pretty great summation. The poster was asking, essentially, "what's the dilly" with Field Gulls? Well, here's the dilly. Yo.

Jason is very kind with a lot of his accolades of the writing staff here, so thanks to Jason for that as well! Here's what he said:


Well, let me teach you a bit about Field Gulls.

We are fans like you, and amateurs by definition.

No one here (as far as I know) has NFL playing or coaching experience. But we have devoted students of film (coaches tape is now available on NFL Rewind) who know as much as studio analysts. We have access to the same statistical data as everyone, and a number of math-minded football geeks who do good work with those.

Best of all, we have editors/Mods/Bosses who promote good analysis. We have community feedback to check any flaws and promote good findings.

If you've gleaned any insight yourself from tape study or reading, feel free to make a Fanpost. It will be as much an opportunity for us to learn from you and you to learn from us in the comments section.

[DK note: At times, our editors will place your FanPost on the front page, which makes the Jimmy-coined description of Field Gulls as a 'peer-reviewed football journal' pretty accurate. Anyone can contribute, and we all sharpen each other's knowledge and eye for the game through the analysis.]

And/or, check out the analysis that's sorted and organized via the three box links on the front page:

Standings, Stats, News and Notes
The Numbers Game
Xs & Os

[There are also other notable sections to check out, including our NFL Draft coverage, our Know Your Enemy posts that breakdown upcoming matchups and NFC West foes, The cHawkboard, which is a section dedicated to general football knowledge through video tutorials, our Gonzo Journalism section, which is dominated by the Drunkard & a few other random 'non-objective' style posts, plus make sure to always check out our Latest News and On the Airwaves sections, which are pretty self-explanatory.]

An important note on dialogue in the comments sections:

There are a lot of articles here, and the amount of attention paid to any given one (and the ensuing comments section) is variable and dynamic.

Game threads are largely ignored once the game ends.

Post-game write-ups draw lots of traffic at first, but are usually dead after a day or two.

In-depth analysis not related to a particular game draw broad attention at first, and will often have a dedicated core of interested parties following conversation for some time afterwards.

The daily "Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks Links" thread tends to be something of the daily meeting place. Almost everyone reads it, and if you want to check in, offer a thought, ask a question, or see what people are talking about, the comment section following C&C is usually pretty active and not subject to any hard-and-fast rules for topics of conversation.

[Here's a link to the site's long-standing rules, standards, and etiquette. Brush up on that if you're new to these parts.]


There you have it. Welcome to Field Gulls.