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Field Gulls Hangout for June 24, 2014 with guest Scott Enyeart

A "Win Forever' ambassador is here to talk to us about winning for... well, at least one more year!

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Joining myself, Danny Kelly, and Jacson Bevens on the Hangout today is journalist, coach, and football fan Scott Enyeart. Scott has considerable knowledge on Pete Carroll, USC, and is an ambassador of the "Win Forever" program.

Today we will be talking about what right's the other Washington football team has to use whatever name they like, our worst moments as Seahawks fans, 53-man roster predictions for next season, and some stats predictions in another edition of King Arthur's Court. Also, be sure to check to see if your comment was named the Field Gulls Comment of the Week! And then I guess shoot to be the winner of that next week, if "winning forever" is your kind of thing. Suggest YOUR favorite comments for next week to @FieldGulls or one of myself and JacsonBevens.

You can ask us questions in the comments section here or on the Hangout itself with the Q&A application.