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Richard Sherman Mic'd up vs. Redskins

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KCPQ/Q-13 FOX shared some of Richard Sherman's mic'd up footage tonight so I thought I would embed it here for all to enjoy. It's essentially a montage of him talking smack, goofing off with his teammates, and chatting with the refs, which is fun, but it also shows, up close, the now infamous Trent Williams altercation, from Field Level. The gif of that below:


I'll tell you what -- the gif looks fairly innocous -- just a face-push really, but the on-field version of it looks quite a bit more ... malicious? Trent Williams is a large human, obviously, and is wearing a helmet as he peers down at Rich. Watching the video, you can see Trent get in his face and say "I'm going to punch you," to which Sherman can be heard replying "then do it." Trent doesn't hesitate to oblige, and as you'll see on the video, quickly punches/ pushes Sherman in the face. It was weird. But whatever. It's over, Trent apologized, and now we can just watch it and hope we never get threatened by a man as large as Williams.


More importantly, and heartwarmingly, the mic'd up session finishes up with Sherman congratulating Robert Griffin III, with Sherman letting him know how proud he is of Griffin. Griffin can be heard saying "now go win this thing." Pretty awesome.

My favorite parts, after those two major sections, include Sherman waving goodbye to the crowd and telling them to go beat the traffic and him excitedly telling the ref that it's colder in Seattle.

Watch it below.

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I'm assuming that since Q-13 allowed embedding that it will stay that way, but if the video is disabled down, head over here:

Watch, listen: Seahawks’ Sherman mic’ed up | Q13 FOX News
SEATTLE -- Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was mic'ed up for Sunday's Washington Redskins game and the aftermath. Watch and listen.