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This looks pretty cool, I won't lie

Yahoo! Sports will premiere what looks to be a web-series about NFL Draft prospects and their training/background. It's called Dream Chasers.

Via the YouTube description:

On Tuesday, April 2nd, Yahoo! Sports will begin to share six remarkable stories about six young men pursuing the common goal of making it to the NFL.

By sharing their hopes and fears, triumphs and tragedies, memories from the past and visions of the future, they provide us with a window into a world we rarely get to see ... the world of an NFL Dream Chaser.

Dream Chasers pictures

Release dates:

Dion Jordan -- Oregon -- Tuesday, April 2nd.
Kenny Stills -- Oklahoma -- Thursday, April 4th.
Kyle Long -- Oregon -- Tuesday, April 9th.
Tony Jefferson -- Oklahoma -- Tuesday, April 16th.
Matt McGloin -- Penn State -- Thursday, April 18th.
Kenjon Barner -- Oregon -- Monday, April 22nd.

Directed by: Lukas Korver (