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Seahawks take on 12th man at Madden

I thought this was pretty great -

Via GoSeattleSeaHawks12 (really great Seahawks YouTube Channel, by the way):

The EMP Museum was having an event to recognize the history of video games. The final night was Game Nite and a few Seahawks showed up for the party. Richard Sherman, KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, Doug Baldwin and Chris Maragos. They played each other at Madden and a lucky fan got to play Bobby Wagner. I won. It was an epic start to an epic night. Richard Sherman provides commentary for the games he doesn't.

The order went Maragos vs KJ, Sherm vs Baldy, me vs Wagner, Sherm vs KJ. Sherm picked off Baldy 5 times. 3 were pick 6s - KJ beat Maragos, Sherm beat Baldy, Sherm beat KJ.