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Russell Wilson, quarterback: Collegiate High School

Way back in 2007, "photography" technology was so basic that for football games to be recorded, the coaches and players all had to agree to run in severely-staggered stop-motion so the camera man could hold open the shutter just long enough to let the proper amount of light to hit the film, thus rendering an image. This process had to be repeated thousands upon thousands of times for a 'motion picture' to be assembled, but despite the hard, painstaking work that it took, for all parties, at that time in the history of the world, this feat was considered somewhat miraculous.

Getting a finished product to the consumer, however, required hours upon arduous hours of cutting and splicing individual photographs together and speeding them up with a hand-powered crank wheel, then adding color manually with acrylic-based paints and mini-brushes. Only then could viewers at home get the new 'technicolor high-definition' picture broadcast over radio waves into their homes, with the example of this amazing technology shown above! The modern marvel that is what's now known as a "video camera" really improved the viewability of the game of football and subsequently the sport's popularity exploded.

Oh wait. I'm way off. The development of photography started centuries ago. Whoever was filming Russell Wilson's high school football games must not have realized this because holy f*ck this is some sh*tty-ass-grainy-over-exposed video. We sent f*cking astronauts to the moon over 40 years prior to this footage being filmed and yet all we can see are blurry, pixelated orbs moving about haphazardly on what appears to be a green meadow or forest clearing of some sort.


Laces Out – NFL on FOX Blog
When Russell Wilson took over the huddle during his sophomore season at Collegiate High School in Richmond, Virginia, he exuded an unparalleled amount of confidence. That has never changed.