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Max Unger ranked 95 on NFL's Top 100 Players of 2013

I normally don't pay too much attention to off-season lists on and the like, but as I've gone in and watched some of these top-100 videos, produced by NFL Films, I've found that they're actually pretty interesting from a schematics point of view and they point out some interesting nuances and strategies that are extremely difficult to pick up on - almost like a mini-Turning Point or NFL Matchup. There are a few of those pointed out in Unger's piece, so it's worth checking out.

Also, a few words of praise for Max Unger, who checked in at #95 after an All-Pro season:

Jordan Babineaux starts with... "When the quarterback is reading coverages, the center is reading fronts. Certain fronts match up to certain pressures, and you may need to make an adjustment."

Then Richard Sherman elaborates - "He makes the calls, he makes the checks. He's always well prepared. It's not like - ah there's a check he can't make - he has to be prepared for some of the most complicated defenses out there, and he does a great job of putting everybody in the right position, to make sure that his rookie quarterback is aware of everything that's going on. That's a tremendous responsibility."

Probably my favorite moment in the whole video (apart from the amazing last-ditch-firm-handshake-after-failed-daps-slash-hand-clasp at the end or the dude talking about how he'll be saying crazy stuff to you in some Hawaiian pidgin language) is from Unger himself, as he exclaims on the sideline:

"Hey, that pistol f**ked them up, man!"