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NFL Draft 2013: Lloyd Fields/Seattle Seahawks 4th Round Pick Announcement Trip

This is a really cool story. A video that chronicles the journey that Lloyd Fields made to NYC to read Seattle's 4th round pick announcment at Radio City Music Hall.

Clare Farnsworth wrote about Fields at the time, and it's tough to think of a better candidate for the job:

"He is 92-years young. He is blind. He doesn't hear as well as he used to. He is a veteran of both the Army Air Corps and United States Air Force, with a military resume that includes flying missions over Germany and occupied Europe during World War II; being one of the first pilots to fly over Russia during the Cold War; and completing 156 missions over Russia as a squadron commander "that were kept classified secrets for some 40-odd years," as he put it. In between military stints, Fields was a pilot for American Airlines.

"I've had a pretty good life," he said. "And it was interesting."

"I still go to games even though I'm blind now," said Fields, who lost his sight in 2002. "I listen to Steve Raible (on the radio). I'm also hard of hearing, too. But the other physical aspects of my life are pretty good."