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Russell Wilson's QB competitions: The 2011 Wisconsin Depth Chart

Field Gulls member Bellevue pointed this out in a fanshot but I had to steal his glory and embed it here. Everyone give Bellevue some daps, because if posting interesting fanshots makes you cool, consider him Miles Davis.

Via the description:

"Evram Productions Executive Producer Matt Engel served as Director, Co-Producer and Cinematographer for this hour long documentary for ESPN about the University of Wisconsin football team."

Via me:

Weirdly reminiscent to Seattle's three-headed QB competition - this documentary takes you through Russell Wilson's transfer to Wisconsin and subsequent competition for the QB job.

Note: How weird would it had been if Wilson had decided on Auburn over Wisconsin. Wilson notes that those two schools were his final two choices (he had pretty much the pick of any school he wanted), and he went with the Badgers. A whole pack of em.

But really, Wilson taking the torch for Cam Newton at Auburn? Would he have run the read option? Would his NFL Draft stock have been even worse? Would it have been better for playing the SEC? Weird to think about!