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Richard Sherman checks in at #50 on NFL's Top-100 list

Richard Sherman - well, he really needs no introduction. #50 on the NFL's Top-100 list. We've written some words about him over the past couple of seasons.

Video above via BetterAtLifeThanYou, or follow this link below:

'Top 100 Players of 2013': Richard Sherman
Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is voted the 50th-best player in the NFL according to his peers on the "Top 100 Players of 2013."

The X's & O's behind Richard Sherman's huge game - Field Gulls
At this point, effusively praising the play of Richard Sherman almost feels cliche & tired, or at least, unoriginal. But I'm going to continue with it anyway.

I Love Richard Sherman's Hips, and Sundry Thoughts - Field Gulls
A writeup about the excellent of Richard Sherman as a press-man corner, as well as assorted thoughts on other outstanding Seahawks players.

Richard Sherman Loves the Go Route - Field Gulls
Richard Sherman's performance against the Bengals given some extra context.

Richard Sherman On Playing Press Corner - Field Gulls
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and linebacker K.J. Wright were the two big surprises for the Seahawks' defense last season, stepping into starting roles and likely locking down their spots for years to come.

Richard Sherman, Jeremy Lane, and the invaluable technique of hand-fighting - Field Gulls
There's no doubt that the Seahawks' secondary are notorious for being physical. Too Physical, some have noted.

Richard Sherman and the Seahawks' New Personality - Field Gulls
U Mad Bro?

The Drunkard's Player Profiles: Richard Sherman - Field Gulls
An analysis of the Seahawks' players, as told by the most fascinating drunk guy in the bar.