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Pete Carroll on practice

Brought to you by... drumroll... Nike SPARQ (via Win Forever). Pete Carroll strongly emphasizes the importance of practice in his program, perhaps more than any other or most other NFL coaches. We've heard from players time and again that Seahawk practices move at a higher speed and with greater intensity than most, if not all other, NFL teams.

It comes down to the goal that each player ends up playing in practice as hard or intense as he does during a game - this is meant to diminish pressure to perform under the big lights and in front of huge crowds, it's about muscle memory and as Carroll often says, it's about playing with the absence of fear. By practicing like this, on game day, players are loose and confident in themselves, or that's the goal, anyway.

Carroll talks about practice, above, and it's pretty interesting. He explains in some detail the method in which they design their practices - it's a disciplined, specific, and intricately choreographed system.

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