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Aaron Schatz "Hangs out" with Field Gulls & a look at the 2013 season

Back in January, just prior to the NFL Playoffs, Aaron Schatz, the founder of Football Outsiders, joined Kenneth and Jacson to talk about the creation of DVOA, the website, what goes into the stats presented by FO, play charting, the Seahawks, the Patriots, ESPN, QBR, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin, Tom Brady, and more. If you missed it the first time around with all the hubbub of the playoffs looming, here's your chance to listen. Though it's obviously out of date by now with respects to the FO predictions, it's a great, great listen for those looking to better understand DVOA/DYAR/TQBR and all the FO metrics. Schatz does a great job of laying out exactly how well Seattle had been playing toward the end of the year (historically well), and explains a lot on how they do their work.

The main reason I thought to reload it today is that Schatz joined Doug Farrar and Rob Rang yesterday to talk about the upcoming 2013 season, so Kenny and Jacson's awesome chat with Aaron provides a nice background on some of the concepts they discussed.

It was an incredibly informative Hangout and a must-watch for any football stats geek. Watch it, nerd!

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6-27 Aaron Schatz
Aaron Schatz, from joins the Furness Show to talk about what the Patriots will look like without Aaron Hernandez and later, he helps set expectations for the NFC West in the upcoming NFL season.