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Sam Bradford, the real NFC West x-factor

When I say Sam Bradford is the real NFC West X-factor I mean: Let's all assume that both Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are going to be pretty damn good in 2013 and let's also assume that both the Seahawks and Niners are (by extension and on their own merit) going to be pretty damn good in 2013.

Most of us believe the Rams will also be pretty good - they have a very good defense and have acquired some talent on the offensive side of the ball as well. Tavon Austin, Jared Cook, Chris Givens, Isaiah Pead and the rest of the Rams' offensive weapons will be severely stifled though if Sam Bradford cannot live up to his Number One Overall Pick billing. As of yet, he hasn't. I'm on the side that thinks he can push himself somewhere into that group of the NFL's top quarterbacks, - he's got the arm talent and in the right situation, right offense, and with some protection in front of him, I believe he could be pretty deadly - but there are certainly doubters out there, and they have an argument.

So, assuming the Seahawks and Niners will be good and their respective quarterbacks will also be good (or visa versa), much rests on Bradford's shoulders to help push the Rams into the conversation as NFC West contenders. If Bradford 'breaks out' in 2013, can you imagine how amazingly sh*tty it will be for teams that play the NFC West this year?

Watch all his touchdowns from 2012 above. Then talk about it.

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