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NFL Turning Point, Seahawks All Access: Seattle beats San Francisco in NFC Championship Game

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In case you're not a frequenter of the Video page, I've got your back. A must-watch NFL Turning Point is now up and it breaks down the second half in great detail, particularly the Richard Sherman tip drill to Malcolm Smith, with sideline views, players mic'd up, and diagrammed plays... Watch here.

Turning Point: 49ers vs. Seahawks

This video complements my breakdown of the play from Tuesday very well, so if you missed it earlier - read here.

A few interesting, poignant moments from the Turning Point segment:

- Colin Kaepernick congratulated Russell Wilson after the game, and you can hear him tell Wilson to "go get yourself a ring." Classy, respectable move.

- Tears streaming down Michael Robinson's face as it sunk in that he was going to the Super Bowl.

- Russell Wilson turning to John Schneider on the podium and saying, "We're going to the Super Bowl... and I could've been playing baseball!"

- Jim Harbaugh congratulating, hugging Doug Baldwin with seemingly genuine affection after the game.

- Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman singing Sinatra's New York New York as they walk off the field.


Seahawks All Access from the game, including player interviews and behind the scenes footage:

Seahawks All Access - Pregame Access

Seahawks All Access - NFC Championship Game

Seahawks All Access - Pete Carroll Postgame Speech

NFL Films previews the Super Bowl:

NFL Films Preview: Seahawks vs Broncos
See how the Seattle Seahawks paved their way to Super Bowl XLVIII on "NFL Turning Point."